Having a business does not always guarantee a steady number of clients. Even if you have been working in an industry for a while and have made connections and consistent clients, relying on them all the time might not be the best idea.

There will come a time when you want to find new clients because the business itself is expanding. And if you fall behind on all the trends because you rely on the few clients you have, moving forward will be quite rough.

Here are some suggestions if you feel like things are not working in your favor. And remember that more often than not, you will need to be patient and strive to continue working hard. Create a strategy from the information in this article and use it to find new clients.

Suggestion #1 – Advertise Yourself on Google

The most popular search engine can become your greatest ally. Not a lot of brands or individuals are investing in pay-per-click marketing despite all that it has to offer.

You can advertise your services or products with Google Ads. And while creating a first PPC campaign can be challenging, you have more than enough sources online to learn. Also, there is an option to boost Google Ads performance with Clever Ads as the tools provide quite a lot of neat features.

Do not overspend, especially when starting. If you find that the overall experience of the method is positive, and is bringing you more clientele, there is always the option to dedicate more money to it.

Suggestion #2 – Research the Market

If you are still relatively new in your business and want to break through, market research should come as a priority. Approaching potential clients when they are in the wrong demographic is a waste of resources.

Take a closer look at what your current clients are like, and try to create an image of the perfect customer. Having such an image in front of you will help to create a more effective plan.

Suggestion #3 – Keep a Conversation Going

When you approach someone, try to find out what kind of person they are as soon as you can. Keeping the conversation going is one of the most important aspects. If you cannot connect with them, the chances are that you will not manage to turn the person into a client.

Not all have it in them to maintain a conversation with everyone, but it is a skill you can learn. The more people you talk to, the better off you will be. So even if you are struggling with this part, remember to have some patience.

Suggestion #4 – Leverage Networking

Networking is necessary. It is the way things work nowadays. To put it short and simple, you need connections. And it does not stop with just work. Life becomes much easier when you know people. The sooner you start, the more you will gain. And networking is similar to a snowball effect. The more people you know, the more introductions you will get. Not to mention that you get to decide when you want to stop.

Suggestion #5 – Check Freelancer Platforms

Freelancer platforms like Fiverr and UpWork are a perfect place to find new potential clients. Provided that you work in an industry that is in demand, the possibilities on such platforms are quite strong.

People like to post job offers and receive bids. You can look to be one of the bidders, or try to contact the person who is offering the gig. Direct communication would increase the odds of being the one who gets hired.

Freelancer platforms are not just for the clients, though. You can leverage it as a place to find other connections. In other words, – networking.

Suggestion #6 – Look for Recommendations

You could have someone you know in another industry. And that person has an acquaintance who could be interested in your products or services. You will be the one person to get recommended.

Again, it comes down to knowing people and having a large network. Even if the brand itself is not an authority in the niche, you will have an easier time finding new clients thanks to the people who you have connected to already.

Suggestion #7 – Look on Social Media Groups

Social media sites are one of the best places to advertise yourself. You do not even have to create a website these days. Sure, it helps, but a solid and well-optimized social media profile on the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram will help a lot.

Make sure that you have a professional look in your profile picture. Look to grow your account by connecting with other people on relevant platforms. Have a solid portfolio to back up your skills.

Social media continues to grow, and the most popular websites have hundreds of millions of active users every month. Do not miss out on such an opportunity and make the most out of what social media has to offer.