When planning an interior design on their own, many people focus on finishes and furnishings, pushing lighting issues to the back burner. Professional interior designers give light design one of the key roles and think about it in the early stages of the project on interior design in the apartment. The role of light scenarios in the interior is very important. Thanks to properly planned lighting apartments are divided into functional areas, to disposing of atmosphere, and the interior gets completeness.

It is worth thinking not only about the design of chandeliers but also about the functional lighting of each zone of the apartment. Lighting is always done for 4 levels.

The upper level is all ceiling lighting, chandeliers, spotlights. General lighting is characterized by filling soft diffused light. It is believed that the ceiling light should not cast shadows and glare on the ceiling and walls of the room. But modern designers often use shadows from the lampshade as additional room decor. For example, if the lampshade is made of imitation twigs, the ceiling will create an atmospheric relief of a mystical forest.

The middle level — floor lamps, wall sconces, and another atmospheric lighting, which is also diffused, but warmer and dimmer. It is used for evening gatherings on quiet evenings.

The third level is individual lighting: table lamps, work lamps, bedside lamps. As a working lamp will do any light fixtures with spot-directed light. The working lighting should be brighter than the general lighting. Average lighting is planned depending on the functional area. It is convenient to choose lighting fixtures with movable lamps.

The fourth lighting is interior lighting: cabinet lighting. Decorative lamps create a special atmosphere in the apartment. They can be colored and vary in the degree of brightness. There are smart lamps from companies dealing with equipment for the smart home, which are able, thanks to a special program for your smartphone, to adjust the intensity and color of the light. You choose the appropriate shade of light on a large palette on the screen of your smartphone. By installing such LED strip lights in a room, you can change the “mood” of the main lighting at any time of the day. A great alternative to the classic dimmer. In the children’s room, such a lamp can serve as a working, spot, and a game-softer, warmer, and even night lamp, depending on the mode of operation.

The basic principles of lighting

The right combination of light is very important. Lighting any room is the sum of three things (general, directional, and decorative light). These types of lighting must be combined intelligently, depending on the functional load of the room (kitchen, living room, bedroom, office). Do not always have only one source of light. Combine appliances so that they can comfortably shine at the same time, for example, an overhead lamp and a lower individual, spotlighting of the working area, and a floor lamp. At the same time, they should not contrast if we turn on all four types of lighting. The lighting composition is designed individually for different household scenarios. The lighting scheme is one of the most creative tasks the designer helps with. It is necessary to present a complete cycle of all the lighting in your apartment during the day. It is required to methodically describe the desired scenarios for each room.