Have You Seen These Retro Motorhome and Caravan Designs?

These uniquely cool and inspirational retro motorhome designs will leave you itching for life on the road

Taking a retro motorhome holiday or caravan vacation is a unique form of getting away. Many people once they have tried it once are bitten by the motorhome bug. They will embark on repeat holidays each year and some will even go on to purchase their very own motorhome. It is here where fans of motorhome design are most often split.

On the one hand modern motorhomes offer the very latest in reliability, features, home comforts and performance. Retro motorhomes on the other hand look incredibly cool but are somewhat lacking on the creature comforts. As one would expect from twenty to forty year old vehicles, engine performance and maintenance become more of an issue.

Retro Motorhome designs
Retro Motorhome designs: Taking a motorhome holiday or vacation is a unique form of getting away.

To overcome this obstacle some companies have sought to merge modern technology with the popular retro styles of old. Ensuring the best of both worlds for those that desire a certain retro look but at the same time appreciate the sat nav and heated seats. This is not dissimilar to what certain after market car companies have done with the otherwise basic Land Rover Defender.

Other retro motorhome fans of course simple prefer the basics and breaking down once per year is all part of the fun. If you are sitting on the fence when it comes to acquiring a retro motorhome, here are some awesome retro motor designs to nudge you in the right direction.

Road Tripping in Retro VW Campervans

Retro Campervans
Retro VW Campervans

This dual pair of retro style VW Campervans are a unique style popular amongst beachgoers, surfers and road trippers. The VW Campervan has always been a popular style particularly the older models which are popular among aftermarket specialists and tuners.

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad Retro Stationwagon

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad Retro Stationwagon
1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad Retro Stationwagon

Hitting any road matched to this 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad Retro Stationwagon you are sure to draw a crowd. Designed in a captivating light blue this 1950’s era Chevy with matching caravan is a supercool retro way to take to the road.

The Belrepayre Airstream and Retro Trailer Park


Belrepayre Airstream and Retro Trailer Park in France resumed the popular tradition of holiday cottages in mobile vans. The park provides an unforgettable atmosphere and retro style. Guests come to the Airstream hotel for the simple reason that nowhere else in the world is it really possible to live like this. If you want to try a retro motorhome before you buy, this is the place.

The Retro Bullet Style Retro Caravan Motorhome

Retro Bullet Motorhome
Retro bullet style motorhome

This aluminium bullet style motorhome is uniquely decorated. Also a throwback to retro 1950’s style road trips this metallic motorhome is sure to draw admiring glances. The bright aluminium of this retro motorhome reflects light and sunlight just like a mirror. This particular example is well decorated with a 1970’s theme.

The Krystal Ship Retro Motorhome From Breaking Bad

The Krystal Ship Motorhome From Breaking Bad
The Krystal Ship Motorhome From Breaking Bad

The RV motorhome from the popular television series ‘Breaking Bad’ was a 1986 Fleetwood Bounder. In the show at least the Fleetwood Bounder was a recreation vehicle and motorhome that served as a mobile laboratory. In reality it makes a great 1980’s style motorhome that is perfect for long road trips with plenty of space to go around.

The Retro GMC Motorhome

Retro GMC Motorhome
Taking the family away in the retro GMC motorhome

This retro motorhome from GMC is a mid sized RV that is just great for cruising the open road. Or for parking up by the lakeside and lighting a BBQ with the family. With plenty of room for everyone, this GMC motorhome is a blast from the past that you  won’t wish to forget anytime soon.

The Vantare Platinum Plus Motorhome

Playing it Safe
Playing it Safe in the luxurious and incredibly expensive Vantare motorhome

The supremely expensive Vantare Platinum Plus motorhome holds a car. It doesn’t come with a car you have to supply that yourself but it can carry a sports car in the port between its front and rear wheels. So if retro is not your thing and you have money to burn why not hit the road in absolute comfort and luxury in the one of a kind Vantare Platinum Plus motorhome.

Looking After Your Motorhome in the Winter

Whether you opt for a 1950’s style retro motorhome or go lavish and modern; owning a motorhome is brilliant for the majority of the year. It allows you to easily travel around the country and perhaps even further afield.

Many people will choose to travel continuously throughout the seasons, making the most of their newfound freedom. Taking in the sights that are on your doorstep is probably one of the best reasons to own a motorhome; whether you are an avid explorer or you simply fancy spending your weekends doing something a little more adventurous than catching up on television!

However, just like having a car, your motorhome needs looking after and maintaining. This is particularly true when it comes to the colder half of the year. Winter is a notorious season for looking after your motorhome and making sure everything remains in great condition.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to continue travelling or put your motorhome into hibernation, you’ll want to take the right steps in making sure you can get the most out of your motorhome for years to come.

Maintaining your Motorhome

Maintaining your Motorhome
Maintaining your motorhome in the winter months

There are a number of things you can do with your motorhome before putting it away for the winter, if that’s your chosen plan. After all, you wouldn’t leave your car in a garage through the winter without checking over it first!

If you are storing your motorhome and not using it over the winter period, make sure you are keeping it somewhere safe and not somewhere it can be easily stolen. Your own garage or driveway is perfectly fine, or there are specific secure sites that will hold your motorhome for you.

Before saying goodbye to your motorhome until the spring, wash it down properly and make sure it’s clean to avoid any damage to paintwork or other parts of the vehicle. Another important, but maybe obvious, tip is to empty your cupboards. This will avoid any nasty surprises when you come back to your motorhome!

There are some risks to leaving your motorhome in a stationery state for an extended amount of time. There is much more pressure on the tyres, meaning they could be at risk of deterioration. This is simply down to the weight of the motorhome itself; you might want to use a jack to alleviate some pressure.

Traveling in the Winter Months

Of course, just because the weather has turned colder and the threat of snow is on the horizon, doesn’t mean you should give up sightseeing or going on road trips. Some locations in the UK are even more beautiful covered with frost, and they will probably be quieter due to the weather! To start your own winter adventure in a cool motorhome, check out Premier Motorhomes.

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However, travelling in your motorhome in the winter will require some extra precautions, and we don’t just mean a huge amount of anti-freeze! Depending on your destination, you might need to invest in winter tyres or snow chains to ensure your safety and make sure that you can get around even in heavy snow. High visibility jackets would also be helpful; if you are travelling abroad, safety equipment such as these are required by law in some countries.

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