An unfurnished space is like a blank canvas– there’s endless possibilities to make it a masterpiece and countless materials to decorate it with.

Some people like it grand, some like to keep it very simple. Others like the striking harmony of colors, while some prefer to make a statement by adorning it with classic black and white elements.

But regardless of how you choose to furnish your special place– your own happy bubble, it’s imperative you do so considering not just the style, but also the comfort every piece would bring.

That’s why if you’re living in (or willing to travel to) the City of Angels, then we’ve narrowed down the top 3 best furniture stores in Los Angeles.

Source: Clad Home

Clad Home

This store wouldn’t be in the top of our list for nothing! Priding themselves in offering the highest-quality furniture, with the most custom options at the lowest prices, anywhere, Clad Home offers everyone the same level of customization without sacrificing quality and flexibility.

Founded by Rosa Beltran, an interior designer who also had a background in the field of green architecture and building design, one of Clad Homes’ utmost goal is to provide sensible furniture design all while keeping a very small carbon footprint– meaning the furniture’s aren’t made elsewhere so it avoids the need to be shipped.

These bespoke furniture are made with the utmost attention to quality and detail and with excellent craftsmanship. According directly to their website, they “don’t believe in cheap, disposable furniture. We make furniture that lasts for decades.”

Even better, every purchase from Clad Home means you’re supporting local craftsmanship and their livelihood– making it all very close to their hearts and deeply personal.

Clad Home offers a wide range of furniture made for every kind of space. Regardless if it’s the point of highlight in the room, or the elements that bring the whole look together, you can expect to find what you’re looking for in their easy to navigate website. Or if you have the time, you may also drop by at their showroom to test drive any piece you’re eyeing.

Either way, we can guarantee you that it’s worth every penny.

Place an order for your desired piece in three easy steps:

  1. Order free swatches
  2. Pick your style
  3. The furniture will be shipped to you for free!

But if you need a more in depth explanation of the process, here’s a quick ordering guide to help you out.

Source: BoConcept


Hailing all the way from Denmark where it all started in 1952, BoConcept prides itself in their longevity in the industry. Backed with the undeniable experience, their goal is to give their clients the best pleasurable home-experience by providing furniture that combines free-flowing and functional space, perfect mood lighting and clever storage. The harmony of these three elements is what makes up the BoConcept experience.

While most furniture stores highlight Italian-inspired pieces, BoConcept stays true to its roots by putting forward their Danish design furniture, accessories and lighting just to name a few.

Busy? Don’t know where to start? No need to worry as BoConcept offers an Interior Design service that would help you craft a unique style for you.

No matter the style you have in your mind, their professional interior designers can definitely help you build the look of your dream home.

Want to get a feel of things before you head out to their showroom? Check out their virtual BoConcept store!

Source: Melrose Discount Furniture

Melrose Discount Furniture

The last on our list is very popular among the locals as they have always offered very affordable designer furniture that are built upon the four tenants of its business: quality, style, selection and service.

Melrose Discount Furniture has been serving Los Angeles as the premiere discount furniture store ever since 2006. They don’t only offer a vast array of furniture, but also a shopping experience centered on client’s satisfaction.

They’re never far down the competition as they have always proved that their service and top quality products are what makes them continue to strive for excellence.

They deliver and assemble right at your house free of charge and are currently having a clearance sale that you should definitely check out!