Magento is one of the top-grossing eCommerce platforms for retailers and B2B dealers. With shopping and retailing going online in this new era, this platform offers business owners a new horizon.

To meet the expectations of the business store owners, Magento developers UK are finding new ways and trends. You can trust Pearl Lemon Web, an expert team of Magento Developers based in London, for better development and up-gradation of your virtual store.

Here is a sneak peek of what Magento development will offer this year-

Live streaming through a Virtual Store

The virtual stores are now closer to real-life experiences with webinars, live sessions, and virtual meetings. Business owners use these methods to communicate with their audiences for better business and growth.

This year, Magento development will include an important aspect, live streaming. It allows store owners to bridge the real and virtual world with video streaming and facilitate them to offer better explanations of their products and services to their audiences. As businesses look forward to tapping on a more significant audience sector, live streaming through a virtual store hosted on Magento will become one of the top trends.

A Virtual Store with a Personal Touch

This year customers will get more importance on virtual stores. More business owners are keener to treat their customers better with a tailor-made virtual experience. Magento developers have been developing customized virtual stores for a few years. This year, this trend will become prominent with a better and holistic approach. Virtual stores will have customized coupons and discount codes to make a virtual store more exciting alongside personalized experiences.

Better SEO with Magento

Magento offers better aspects in the case of SEO. In 2022, SEO will become more developed and advanced on Magento. Developers will combine their skills with digital marketing experts and SEO experts to make your Virtual store more accessible to online shoppers. Magento offers advanced options like breadcrumbs, auto-complete features, SEO filters to make SEO organic and better to ensure your products reach more people.

You can always ask your store developer to incorporate the SEO set available in Magento to get prime spots in SERPs and search engines.

Social Media Selling

Magento has already made it clear that it will explore all social media marketing features in 2022. This year, virtual stores hosted on Magento can explore social media selling opportunities. You can link your social media campaigns to your virtual store or give ad space on your e-commerce site for social media sites to earn some extra bucks!

Better Realistic Feel with AR and VR

Even in 2022, Augmented reality and Virtual Reality will rule the development sector. Both of these technological aspects can make your virtual e-commerce store more appealing.

Besides virtual shopping, you can offer your customers virtual try-ons of clothes and apparel. Besides that, you can also use AR and VR to provide your store with a virtual tour to your audiences.


2022 offers new possibilities to online store owners and e-commerce site hosting. Understanding the emerging trends for Magento development can help you to maximize your business prospects with a better store.