Website designers are some of the most creative professionals who never stop thinking outside the box. It is no wonder that they keep coming up with excellent designs. They have continued that trend in 2019 if the latest awards are anything to go by. What all this proves is the industry is set for some exciting times. As all these designs show, old school still works, but web designers have taken UX to a new level.

Below are a few of the best web designs and trends of 2019.

Black & White Palettes

The probability that color combination is one of the main factors that capture your attention the first time you look at a website is quite high. As you may notice, the right colors set the tone and influence what kind of a mood you will be in, as you browse from one web page to the next. However, web designers are boldly risking it all by going with black and white colors. This mix accentuates shapes and textures. It also makes the design clean, strong, and assertive.

A perfect example of this is Werkstatt.

Incredible use of all technological leaps in web design

Natural Organic Shapes

A close look at the emerging trends in web design shows that several designers are opting for natural shapes. What is more, they are also going with designs full of smooth lines. Mostly, designers seem to be going all out for shapes and lines that create a sense of comfort and accessibility. The imperfect and asymmetrical nature of organic shapes makes them the best candidates for providing the depth that web pages need to stand out from the rest.

An excellent example of such a website is Wealthsimple!


Minimalism is not a new entrant on this list. It has been part of the web design industry for eons. It is classic, timeless, and iconic. Nevertheless, that doesn’t deny it any of the great attributes that have made it a massively popular design. It is all about less content and fewer elements, which work together to force your audience to think what the website is really about. Opus Grows offers a perfect illustration of this type of design!


This design represents where the world is at now and where it ought to go. It represents the diverse people, backgrounds, tastes, and unique preferences that define what humanity is all about. It is not surprising seeing the diversity design making a massive impact in the world of the 2019’s best web designs. The design captures age groups, people’s skills and abilities, various cultures, and genders. The Nation of Second Chances captures this design idea vividly!

Glitch Art

Glitch art is all about introducing the world to retro designs. However, any untrained eye that looks at this design will consider it messy, distorted, and crinkled. Glitch designs tell the world that technology is not perfect. It passes across the message that everybody should have fun and try to make stuff work as much as possible. What is not in doubt is the fact that glitch art captures human imagination profoundly, as the Active Theory site successfully demonstrates.

Thumb-Friendly Navigation

What thumb-friendly navigation web designs prove is that it’s impossible to ignore the transition to mobile devices as the primary tools for browsing the Internet. According to CNBC, 72% of all Internet lovers will be using nothing other than their mobile phones to browse by 2025. For this reason, any designer who ignores thumb-friendly navigation designs, such as Behance, will not enjoy seeing their effort produce plenty of incredible results as much as those who embrace this idea.

Serifs on Screen

Serifs on screen are the sort of designs that takes traditional ideas, mixes them all up, and brings in an entirely new thing. This design is all about using the ‘Serif’ font on the headers and callouts. The fact that the font is highly effective for decorative purposes also makes it the best choice for any web designer who wishes to create something that inspires the right kind of emphasis. Check out Reform Collective to feel the power of this design!


With this design, web developers will have fun creating websites that hit visitors right between the eyes. The essence of the model is to surprise the audience. It is ideal for building sites full of information regarding events to which the host wishes to invite guests. Over the years, this design has enjoyed extensive usage. However, they are evolving now to feature stuff that the modern user loves watching, such as animations and chimes. See an example of that here!

What will tomorrow bring

With over 1.8 billion websites online, making a mark online is no child’s play. It requires a superior online strategy. Among the crucial considerations is using the best web design to achieve an outstanding website. The best web design and trends of 2019 discussed in this article will help you stand out in the highly competitive online world.