If you don’t consider yourself to be a true fashionista but want to be on top of the breaking summer trends then 2021 is perhaps the perfect year for you.

It seems that those who decide, at least initially, what the general public will really enjoy wearing in a given season or year, have decided to keep things pretty informal this year.

This may well be the fashion world’s attempt to take things easy on us due to the tough year and a half we’ve endured with the coronavirus pandemic. As a result many of the great accessory trends for this summer have been selected with ease of use and comfort at the forefront.

Silk Scarves

The best fashion trends, or at least the most convenient, are those that are adaptable and that’s precisely why this summer’s trend of silk scarves is something to get behind.

Having a silk scarf, or two, to hand whether on your way to work or out for an evening meal, is a great way to be both fashion conscious AND prepared for the elements.

In the summer heat the light and airy scarf can act as a barrier to the sun and in the evening, when it gets a little cooler, they provide that bit of warmth you might need.

You can wear them as a traditional scarf or as a wrap top (if you are brave and confident enough). They can also be used as a head covering and in many other ways that feel comfortable to you.

Opt for a range of these that can be both showy or more muted and make sure you always have one to hand. Happily they are easy to have in your handbag and weigh close to nothing.

Personalized Jewelry

An item of personalized jewelry can say a great deal. You can either look to commemorate a loved one or just as a way to empower yourself. A nice item like a name necklace can be both decorative and functional in the sense that it can have a more significant meaning that goes beyond the way it looks.

These items are becoming more and more popular with celebrities and those in the know and now you can shop for many different types and you are never far from the look that would work perfectly for your style as well as the message you wish to emblazon.

You can also look to jazz up your personalized jewelry with some additional bling if you want to be more ‘showy’ or keep it simple and understated, dependent on your own personality.

Tote Bags, The Bigger the Better

This is another fashion ‘look’ we can totally appreciate. Tote bags have been ‘in’ for a while now but it seems that they’ve gone from being a fashion statement to an item that is now almost compulsory.

Here the idea is to go big or go home. The size is of course very useful for those of us who find it hard to leave home in the morning without the kitchen sink thrown in for good measure.

With Tote bags you can very much get across your style, perhaps you are a bit of a wallflower and therefore your bag of choice might be more function over form and in quiet pastels. If you like to stand out more than brighten up the color palette and maybe add a dab of quirkiness to the way you ‘sell the bag to the outside world.

Hair Clips, Retro Style

Another fashion accessory that will be of actual use and not just an eye-catching item that is built for show. Here the key is to go retro, we’re talking claw clips to the max.

You may have noticed these sitting in their thousands as you queue in your fashion store of choice. You need them and they will be your friend in the hot summer heat, and again don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd when it comes to your clip of choice.

You can also consider a scrunchie or two as well, for when that claw clip isn’t enough to tame the beast that is your hair in the searing heat!

Face Masks

Yes, that’s right, face masks. Just because it’s an item that we, for the most part, have to wear in order to meet guidelines and restrictions (and also to help protect you from the pandemic), it doesn’t mean you can’t use the opportunity to make your choice of mask standout.

Just about every major main street fashion store will be selling a range of stylish face masks and of course you can get just about every style imaginable online, so take the opportunity to pick up masks that not only help the greater good but also make you look as chic as can be.

You can look for those with adorable prints or bold colors or even branded masks to help the world know you are not only conscious of your community but also have an eye for great fashion.

We hope these fashion tips help you to make the right style decisions for summer 2021.