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33 Creative Science Museum Ads

Going to the science museum can be a fun experience for both kids and adults. It’s amazing how much you can learn in one day! To get more people going to the science museum, Science World, created an awesome set of creative science museum ads. These science museum advertisements showcase various science facts on the streets of Vancouver.

Some of there science museum ads feature some stunning ambient ad techniques including 2oz of pure gold which was guarded by 2 guards around the clock. They also featured interesting photos containing fun facts about bugs, diamonds skin and other facts you probably haven’t heard of.

When did Ambient Advertising start?

Ambient Media started to appear in British media jargon around 1999, but now seems to be firmly established as a standard term within the advertising industry. It is the name given to a new breed of out-of-home products and services determined by some as non-traditional or alternative media. Ambient media advertising can be used in conjunction with mainstream traditional media, or used equally effectively as a stand-alone activity. The key to a successful ambient media campaign is to choose the best media format available and combined with effective message.

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33 Creative Science Museum Ads

museum ads

museum ads

science ads

museum ads

Science Ads



ScienceWorld_TSA_Spinning.indd Scienworld_TSA_Fishscales.indd



50 Creative Examples of Bus Stop Ads

Don’t be fooled, Bus Stops Ads don’t have to be the same as billboard advertising. Due to it’s location and bus stop location, they can be more creative and are a great alternative to the regular outdoor ads.

Bus Shelter Advertising can be highly effective if done well, they can sometimes cover the entire bus stop if the budget allows it to. Many Bus Stops feature advertising, from simple posters, to complex illuminated, changeable or animated displays. In today’s collection we’ve found 50 Creative Examples of Bus Stop Ads, ranging from Coca-Cola, TV Shows, Movies to Products. Take a look at these creative bus stop ads and see which one is your favourite!

Absolute Lemon Drop


As an evolution of its ongoing “DRINKS” campaign, ABSOLUT VODKA has used the bustling streets of Chicago to bring to life the unique universes created by visionary photographers, Ellen Von Unwerth and Amanda De Cadenet. With a series of bus shelter installations, ABSOLUT has leveraged the imagery of talent such as Kate Beckinsale, Zooey Deschanel & Ali Larter to transform these shelters into tactile installations for people to enjoy. Bringing to life the worlds that embody ABSOLUT “Lemon Drop,” Twist” and “Bloody,” the shelters (which will run until late December) use original seating, stunning colors and even tropical plant-life. (Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day NY, USA)

Ten / The Biggest Loser: Bus stop


(Advertising Agency: Junior, Brisbane, Australia)

The Simpsons


Who is Marge Simpson without her distinctive tower of blue hair? The Comedy Channel clearly think that the Simpson family matriarch would be somewhat lacking without it, so they’ve defied the dimensional restrictions levied upon them by Canada’s bus stops to promote The Simpsons in syndication. (Agency: Unknown)


To promote Colormagic, a detergent that protects colors from fading out, Perwoll created a colour-blindness test to be displayed at bus stops. At its centre is a bottle of Colormagic, made out of rolled up socks and clothing, that may take a few seconds to find. (Agency: Unknown)

Serve: Bus stop


Family violence is all around us. You can help stop it. We can help you find the right things to say and when to say them. (Advertising Agency: SERVE, Milwaukee, USA)

Formula 1


Formula 1 has been growing in Asia and the number of Grand Prix races held in the Far East has grown in the past few years; this bus station was augmented to promote the Singapore Grand Prix and is decorated in the style of chequered flags, with a model F1 car on top.(Agency: Unknown)

Caribou Coffee: Oven Bus Stop

“To help Caribou Coffee launch its hot and fresh Daybreaker breakfast sandwiches, we decided to heat things up a bit. To do this, we created ovens out of transit shelters, complete with real heaters and working clocks. This not only allowed us to showcase Caribou’s new “Hot ‘n Wholesome” menu items, it also benefited Minnesotans during their frigid winter commutes.” (Advertising Agency: Colle+McVoy)

Poster That Responds To People Looking At It

“It happens when nobody is watching” (Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany)

The Dignity Project

The Salvation Army in Canada has created a series of bus stop ads featuring homeless people reaching out for necessities as part of The Dignity Project, which is attempting to restore hope and dignity for the less fortunate. (link)

March Against the Terrorist Organization FARC

“February 4th is March Against the Terrorist Organization FARC. We took the bus stop posters and chained three iconic characters of the Colombian conflict posing as hostages. A woman who reminisced Ingrid Betancourt (hostage for nine years now), a policeman and a farmer, all tied to the posters that held a message as follows: “Since you can do it, go out and march against FARC.” (Advertising Agency: Sancho BBDO, Colombia)

Science Alberta: Invisibility

“Is invisibility possible? Invent your future with a career in science.” (Advertising Agency: MacLaren McCann, Calgary, Canada)

San Francisco Zoo: Critter Quest

Advertising Agency: BBDO West

Fisch Franke: Filled with Water and Real Fish

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Frankfurt, Germany

Le Lait: Milk Carton

Advertising Agency: Nolin BBDO, Canada

Fiji Travel – Throw Away Your Clothes

Advertising Agency: TBWAOSLO, Oslo, Norway

Je*s Jeans – No Need to Bend Anymore

Advertising Agency: Bruketa@Zinic, Zagreb, Croatia

Fitness First: Bus Stop

A health club chain called Fitness First, have actually converted a bus stop bench into a scale that displays the weight of people sitting on it. (Advertising Agency: N=5, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Movie up: Balloons

Advertising Agency: unknown

Free Coffee From April 20th till May 3rd

Advertising Agency: Cossette West, Canada

Asian Weeks till 24th August

Advertising Agency: DDB Helsinki, Finland

McDonald’s: Night

Advertising Agency: DDB Sydney, Australia

Norwegian Airline’s New Destinations: The Kilt

Advertising Agency: Volt AB, Stockholm, Sweden

Norwegian Airline’s New Destinations: The Sauna

Advertising Agency: Volt AB, Stockholm, Sweden

Calgary Zoo: Dinosaurs Alive!

“More real. More scary”. (Advertising Agency: Trigger, Calgary, Canada)

Australia Post: Personalize Your Post

Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Melbourne, Australia

Coca-Cola Refrigerator Bus Shelter

“Open Happiness.” Real Coke bottles settled to the mock-up cold refrigerator. (Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Istanbul, Turkey)

Hasbro Cluedo: How Does It Feels To Be Involved..?

“How does it feel to be involved in a crime.” (Advertising Agency: DDB, Italy)

Playstation Bus stop

This bus station in Malaysia features boards with bubble wrap. I would probably miss the bus here! (Advertising Agency: unknown)

Real Hip Hop: Black Power

“Black music all the way.” Cannes Lions Outdoor finalist. (Advertising Agency: Dentsu, São Paulo, Brazil)

Wonderbra: I Broke the Glass

Advertising Agency: Publicis Frankfurt, Germany

Guarana Antarctica: Net

Actual size goal posts were placed in bus shelters around Sao Paulo for the Soccer World Cup (Art Directors: Marcelo Maia, Bruno Brasil, Rodrigo Rodrigues)

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation: Wheelchair

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USA

IKEA: Bus Stop

Advertising Agency: unknown

Apple Macbook Air: Swing

Credits: Bruno Taylor

Treasury Casino: Let The Good Times Roll

7563 dice were painstakingly set into the face of Treasury Casino’s bus shelter sign. (Advertising Agency: Treasury Casino)

Victoria Bug Zoo

This TSA, made from a plastic sheet with hundreds of small magnifying lenses, allowed passersby to see through a bug’s eyes. (Advertising Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada)

Osram – Energy Saving Light Bulbs

“Only use electricity when you need it.” (Advertising Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi, Cape Town, South Africa)

Alfa Romeo Helps Other People Sell Their Cars

Within days the poster sites were completely full. (Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Antwerp, Belgium)

Coca-Cola: New Grip Bottle

Challenge: Let people know about how the new Coca-Cola Grip Bottle has a better grip for holding.

Solution: Posters printed on Velcro were placed in bus shelters in Paris to make people interact with the grip.Results: People literally hooked to the campaign. On the whole, a 3.8% brand volume growth in France compared to 2007. (Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France)

Livegreen Toronto: Switch

“Hello, have you heard about” (Advertising Agency: Agency59, Toronto, Canada)

Etv: Football World Cup

Bus stop ad promoting local TV channel live coverage of world cup 2006. (Advertising Agency: unknown)

3M Security Glass

Break it and you can take $3 million in cash! The true is, that there were actually only $500 put on the top of the fake bills, and people were only allowed to use their feet to break it. In case, someone actually break it – there was a guard to assure that nobody kept the fake money from the glass. (Advertising Agency: unknown)

Rubbish Since Monday

Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland

Star Wars: Lightsabers

Advertising Agency: enVision, Aarhus, Denmark

Quiksilver: Ramp

A real skateboard ramp was mounted on the side of a typical danish bus shed providing pass time activities for the waiting passengers. (Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Ecko Clothing: Bluetooth Graffiti

People will get the possibility to access the citylight via bluetooth with their cell phones and spray their own graffiti with the cursor of their phone. (Advertising School: Design Factory International, Hamburg, Germany)


20 Fun and Clever Tear-Off Ads

When thinking about tear-off ads we usually associate them with local people looking to advertise their skills. Creating tear-off advertising can be quick and practical and some big companies even use this technique of advertising. Most of us think of tear-off ads as a boring piece of white paper with tear-off contact information, you probably haven’t seen these fun and clever tear-off ads.

Tear-off advertising in today’s array of communication and internet can be used in a fun and creative way. In today’s collection we’ve gathered 20 Fun and Clever Tear-Off Ads, tear-off advertising doesn’t have to be plain and boring, they can be highly entertaining with advertising their services! Which one is your favourite? Comment below!


Institute of Foreign Languages


True Blood

20 Fun and Clever Tear-Off Ads

Art Lebedev Studio

20 Fun and Clever Tear-Off Ads

Power of Proof Required



The Walking Dead

20 Fun and Clever Tear-Off Ads

Baldness Support Group


Cuttie Cut: Children’s Hair Salon

Agency: Y&R, Toronto / Canada

Business Card For Fitness Trainer

Zohra Mouhetta helps you strip away your belly! (Agency: Leo Burnett, Dubai)

Together We Get Rid Of Pounds

Advertising Agency: Euro Rscg, Zuerich, Switzerland

Teeth Torn

The ad for Liam Daly Bds (dental Practitioners) in Ireland. (Agency: Mcconnells)

Strength Coach Needed

If you cannot tear this phone book then don’t even bother calling. (Image credits: phildesignart)

Amputee Support Group

(Image credits: bsweber)

Ismet Dural Circumciser: Tear off phone-number

Ismet Dural is a circumsicer who owns a clinic. (Agency: Healthy People by Grey, Istanbul, Turkey)

H. Van Haegent: Tear Off A Piano Key

The ad was made for a professional piano teacher and displayed in record stores, music schools and libraries. (Agency: Leo Burnett Belgium)

Hockey Tryouts

(Image credits: bsweber)

Divorce Lawyer: Hand-Tearable Business Card

Notice that there is a contact information on both sides of the business card. (more)

Dr. John Mullaly Dentist: Teeth

Advertising Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, USA

Jamaican Braid Salon: Dreads

Advertising Agency: CrackerJack, Calgary, Canada

Ballet Classes

By: Vivianne’s Studio

Bikini Waxing On The Third Floor

Advertising Agency: Tempo Advertising, Bucharest, Romania


25 Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe

When we think of buildings, many of us think of advertising. Let's face it it's rarely seen but when ads on buildings happen, it can be quite spectacular if done creatively. 

After doing some research I found 25 Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe, these are all stunning works featuring mostly popular brands like Coca-Cola, Movie Promotions and Clothing Apparel. In 2010, spending on advertising was estimated at $143 billion in the United States and $467 billion worldwide.

Ads on Buildings can have a strong impact on viewers, building advertising can be powerful and bold and let's face it – would cost a fortune to create and build! Let's take a look at these 25 Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe.



25 Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe

Havaianas Shoes

25 Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe

Law and Order

25 Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe


25 Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe



Direct Insurance: Parking Building


Coop’s Paints (Insurance Ad)

Advertising Agency: TM Advertising , USA, Dallas

Penline Stationery: Strong tape

Agency: Euro RSCG, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Discovery Channel: Shark

To celebrate Shark Week 2010, Discovery Channel turned their office building in Silver Spring, Maryland into a giant shark.

Alco: Wash Me

Alco – extremely concentrated industrial cleaning products. Advertising Agency: Alma, Santiago, Chile

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Nike Sport

Advertising Agency: unknown

Nike: Ball

Advertising Agency: unknown

Axe : Calendar

Advertising Agency: When Gee, Seoul, South Korea

Allstate Insurance: Marina Tower

Advertising Agency:Leo Burnett Chicago, USA

Powerhouse Gym

Advertising School: Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, USA

Coca-Cola : Refresh On The Side Of Life

Advertising Agency: Maclaren McCann, Toronto, Canada

Vodafone : Make The Most Of Now

Agency: BBH London

Anando Milk – Superhuman Powers

Advertising Agency: McCANN ERICKSON, Mumbai, India

Lego Block

Advertising Agency: unknown

Check The Gas

Advertising Agency: unknown

Pantene Anti-Breakage Shampoo

Advertising Agency: Grey Canada, Toronto, Canada

Red Bull : City Scramble

Advertising Agency: Kastner & Partner, Sydney, Australia

Siemens Mixer