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32 Pieces Of Street Art That Interact With Their Surroundings

Too often Street Art is seen as damaging their environment, but if artists think outside the square with their planning they can come up with some creative ways to interact with their surroundings. By tailoring art to their surroundings they can make the artwork more eye catching and interesting to look at.

Creating street art doesn’t just happen overnight, sometimes the artist may take days sketching out ideas and planning before starting the final artwork. Then comes the difficult step of choosing a location, sometimes a building site can be the source of motivation and ideas for street artist – eg. certain cracks, building features or natural elements like vines and trees. Street artists have awesome imgaination which let’s them create pieces of street art that makes us smile with delight!

Many artists make a living from street art like MO. Oak Oak, Banksy, and Ernestas Zacharevičius. They regularly create brilliant Pieces Of Street Art That Interact With Their Surroundings. Advertising have now paid attention to street art and have starting using Ambient Advertising.

Checkout these 32 Pieces Of Street Art That Interact With Their Surroundings, which one is your favourite?


Girl, George Town, Malaysia

Pieces Of Street Art That Interact With Their Surroundings

Image credits: Ernest Zacharevich

Dead Drainage In Paris

Pieces Of Street Art That Interact With Their Surroundings

Image credits:

Bird, Athens, Greece

Image credits:

Seeder, Kaunas, Lithuania

Pieces Of Street Art That Interact With Their Surroundings

Image credits: morfai

Lost Eye, France

Pieces Of Street Art That Interact With Their Surroundings

Image credits: Oak Oak

Smoking Man, France


Image credits: unknown

UK Flags, London, UK


Image credits: banksy

Bush, London, UK

Image credits: banksy

Sum Times

Image credits: Aakash Nihalani

Ostrich, Rome, Italy

Image credits: Pao

Bicycle, George Town, Malaysia

Image credits: Ernest Zacharevich

Shining, France

Image credits: Oak Oak

Glasses, Russia

Image credits: P183


Image credits:

The Straw

Image credits: mentalgassi

Face Of The City, Toronto, Canada

Image credits: fauxreel

The Legend of Giants, Białystok, Poland

Image credits: Natalia Rak

World Going Down The Drain, Spain

Image credits: pejac

Sideshow Bob, France

Image credits: Oak Oak

Pom Pom Girl

Image credits: Sandrine Boulet

Satellite Dishes, Birmingham, UK

Image credits: Davyd Samuels

Calvin & Hobbes, France

Image credits: Oak Oak

Hair, Fort De France, Martinique

Image credits: Nuxuno Xän

Sluggo On The Street

Image credits: David Zinn

Bruce Lee, Saint Etienne, France

Image credits: Oak Oak

La Caravane Passe, France

Image credits: Oak Oak

Spiderman, France


Image credits: Oak Oak



Image credits:

Scream, France


Image credits: Oak Oak

Calvin & Hobbes, France


Image credits: Oak Oak

Kenny, France


Image credits: memeirl

Loa Crew


Image credits: Unknown


Product Design

31 Clever and Creative Bed Covers

When we go to bed we rarely pay attention to the Bed Covers. If you want to get serious about bed sheets and want to have some fun, this collection of 31 Clever and Creative Bed Covers will showcase how bed covers don’t have to be boring!

Scroll down and take a look and some crazy and creative bed covers! Which one would you like in your bedroom?

Did you know?

  1. In most societies people sleep during the night, but in very hot climates they may sleep during the day. During Ramadan, many Muslims sleep during the day rather than at night and people working nights try to sleep in the daytime.
  2. Around 3400 BC Egyptian pharaohs had their beds moved off the ground and slept on a raised surface. Roman Empire mattresses were stuffed with wool, feather, reeds or hay. The beds were decorated with paint, bronze, silver, jewels and gold. During the Renaissance, mattresses were stuffed with straw and feathers and then covered with silks, velvets or satin material. The arrival of the 18th century brought bed frames made from cast iron, and mattresses that were made of cotton. The 19th century saw the invention of the bed spring, also called the box spring. The 20th century brought the inner spring mattress, futon, water bed (starting in the 1960s), air mattresses, foam rubber mattresses and pillows.

Earth Bed Cover

31 Clever and Creative Bed Covers

via etsy

Sheets With Complementary Thrown in Clothes



Doodle Duvet Cover

31 Clever and Creative Bed Covers

Image credits:


Image credits:

Sleeping Dog Duvet

Image credits:

His Side, Her Side



Image credits:

Reading Bed Cover



Availabe at

Ship Duvet Cover

Designed by Thomas Paul

Royal Duvet

Image credits:

Vintage Recording Equipment


Sleepy Rainbow

Image credits:unknown

Police Line – Do Not Cross



Available at


Available at


Image credits:

Minnie & Mickey Mouse

Image credits: unknown

Galaxy Bedding Set

Image credits:

Skeleton Duvet

Image credits:unknown

iPod Bed Cover


Grumpy Cat Duvet

Image credits:

Sleep Well Type


Ché Men’s Magazine Duvet

Image credits:

Zombie Apocalypse

Image credits:

Cardboard Box Duvet & Pavement Sheet

Image credits:

Her & His Side

Image credits:


Available at

Product Design

31 Fun and Creative Ring Designs

Rings are usually seen as circular band around someone’s finger, they’re usually a standard design with some containing stones and gems. But what happens when you go out of the boundaries and want to create a weird and creative ring which is different from the rest? In today’s post we’ll be looking at 31 Fun and Creative Ring Designs.

Strictly speaking a normal ring is a finger ring (which may be hyphenated); other types of rings worn as ornaments are earrings, bracelets for the wrist, armlets or arm rings, toe rings and torcs or neck rings, but except perhaps for toe rings, the plain term “ring” is not normally used to refer to these.

Rings are traditionally usually in metal but can be of almost any material: metal, plastic, stone, wood, bone, glass, or gemstone to name a few. They may be set with a gem or stone of some sort, which is often a precious or semi-precious gemstone such as diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald, but can also be of almost any material. The custom of giving and receiving finger rings dates back over approximately 6,000 years. Tracing the exact history of this practise is difficult.

Checkout these 31 Fun and Creative Ring Designs below, which one would you love to have?


Clear resin ring with Carborundum

31 Fun and Creative Ring Designs


Designer: Sisicata

Cindy Face, Ceramic Ring

31 Weird and Creative Ring Designs


Secret Compartment Ring




Filio Ring



Lock and Key Steampunk


Via Etsy

Viking Ring


Via Etsy

Moss Ring

31 Weird and Creative Ring Designs

Via Etsy

Penguin Ring



R2D2 Ring

31 Fun and Creative Ring Designs


Peace Ring

Designer: unknown

Creative Rings by Smiling Silver Smith

“Silver rings to make you smile.” (Designer: Smiling Silver Smith)

Brass Lighter Ring

“The Lighter Ring in Brass.” (Designer: Monserat de Lucca)

Ring Thing Bottle Opener

“This stylish finger ring doubles as a handy bottle opener. Made from stainless steel, the Ring Thing is comfortable to wear, guaranteed for life, and easy to use.” (Designer: StuffJunction | buy)

Bitty Bear Face Ring

“A cute little bear to wear on your finger. This ring is a silver color and made with metal alloy.” (Designer: Perfectly Whimsical)

Venus Fly Trap Ring

“Ring design inspired by Venus flytrap.” Designer: Monserat de Lucca)

Bunny Love Ring

“A bunny that wraps around your finger to form a ring! Approximately a size 7 but can be slightly adjusted up to two sizes bigger!” (Designer: Creative Accidents)

Birch Tree Ring

“Cast sterling silver branch, hollowformed sterling silver “hill,” model railroad landscape materials.” (Designer: Sarah Hood Jewelry)

I (Thou) Ring

“This gift is perfect for celebrating your first year anniversary and looking for a paper gift! An intimate gift by having your vows or love letters bound together and custom made into a ring that you can wear.”[3] (Designer: One Origin Jewelry)

Nut and Bolt Wedding-Ring

“Brass, 24k gold plate, white zircon.” (Designer: Kiley Granberg)

Inner Message Rings

“A few years ago a Korean singer wrote a song about the sunburn mark that he found on his finger after he broke up with his girlfriend and removed a ring he had been wearing for a long time. This is the story that inspired Jungyun Yoon to make ‘Inner message’, a ring with hidden letters on the inside.” (Designer: Jungyun Yoon)

Bird Nest Ring

“This hand made oxidized sterling silver bird’s nest ring is made with several feet of wire that has been crimped and cajoled into a bird’s nest which holds three glowing little freshwater pearls.” (Designer: Cindy Roth)

Unique Jewelry for DJs

“Inspired by urban lifestyle and hip-hop culture, Darkloud Silver has created a unique line of DJ jewelry.” (Designer: Darkloud Silver)

Space Invaders Ring

“These little buggers are trying to hide behind pixels!” (Designer: Tjep)

Architectural Rings

“Jeweler connects the world of stones and precious metals with the history of art, science and architecture.” (Designer: Philippe Tournaire)


19 Churches Converted Into Modern Family Homes

When you drive into an old town the first building you usually notice is the Church. It’s architecture and interior decor usually stands out from the crowd looking Gothic and medieval. In today’s article we’ll be looking at 19 Churches Converted Into Modern Family Homes.

Reusing and redecorating old buildings can bring a unused church back to life. Some of these Churches Converted into modern family homes were about to be demolished but were saved at the very last minute. Converting old buildings into houses is becoming a popular trend, if you’re lucky enough to have some money stored away for building your own home, converting a church can be a very rewarding experience.

Checkout these 19 Churches Converted Into Modern Family Homes, which one do you love?


Howard Park Methodist Church

church-homes-039 church-homes-040 church-homes-041 church-homes-043

Fish Creek Church House


Via Lifestyle

Church in Kensal Green, London

church-homes-026 church-homes-027 church-homes-028 church-homes-029

Old Church



Church in San-Francisco

church-homes-044 church-homes-045 church-homes-046 church-homes-047 church-homes-048 church-homes-049

Old Church House



Church of Living. Utrecht, Netherlands

Converted Run-down Victorian corrugated-iron chapel in Faversham



Living in a church house-style



Former Catholic church



Residential Church XL

St. Nicholas Georgian Church

church-homes-030 church-homes-031 church-homes-032 church-homes-033

Church Converted to House



Howard Park Methodist Church

church-homes-034 church-homes-035 church-homes-036 church-homes-037 church-homes-038

Church in South Australia

church-homes-008 church-homes-009 church-homes-010 church-homes-011

John Knox Church

church-homes-012 church-homes-013 church-homes-016 church-homes-017

19th Century Church In Australia

church-homes-019 church-homes-020 church-homes-021


Bonney Avenue Residence

church-homes-022 church-homes-023 church-homes-024 church-homes-025

Church House



30 Secret Rooms You Will Want in Your Own Home

When buying a home, you’ll get a lot of satisfaction in knowing you’re a home owner. but buying a home with secret rooms will make the experience all the more rewarding. Secret Rooms and Passages are incredibly appealing and bring mystery into our lives. Secret Rooms are great for hiding away in secret, whether it’s for security/safety reasons or for fun. We’ve found 30 Secret Rooms You Will Want in Your Own Home.

Secret rooms have been around for thousands of years. Builders of ancient Egyptian pyramids used secret passages and booby traps to protect the burial chambers from tomb robbers. In some cases, a secret door to a burial chamber was hidden behind a statue. Many Monarchs and rulers in history have used secret rooms and secret passages to escape as well as today’s president and other VIP personal.

Today secret rooms in homes provide families with comfort and safety, acting as a store room or playroom for the children. Take a look through these beautiful 30 Secret Rooms You Will Want in Your Own Home, which one do you fancy in your home?


30 Secret Rooms You Will Want in Your Own Home

Image credits: flickr

30 Secret Rooms You Will Want in Your Own Home

Image credits: Home Theatre

30 Secret Rooms You Will Want in Your Own Home

Image credits: My Design Chic


Image credits: Apartment Therapy


Image credits: Teaching Literacy

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits:


Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits:




Image credit:

Image credits: imgur

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits:

Image credits:


Image credits:


Image credits: Flickr


Image credits:





Image credits:


100-Year-Old Photo Negatives Found in Antarctica

Conservators of the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust discovered a box containing 100-Year-Old Photo Negatives while exploring huts in Antarctica. The box contained 22 never before seen ellulose nitrate negatives documenting some Antarctica explorers 100 years ago.

Luckily the box was preserved in a block of ice, these historical photos showcase life on Antarctica with the heroic men who explored the rough landscape. At the turn of the twentieth century Antarctica was the focus of one of the last great races of exploration and discovery. The heroic era of Antarctic exploration (1895 – 1917) gave us Sir Ernest Shackleton and Captain Robert Falcon Scott, names now synonymous with Antarctic adventure and the values of discovery, adventure and endurance.

Four expedition parties built bases in the Ross Sea Region of Antarctica. The bases still stand in Antarctica today and are cared for, on behalf of the international community, by the Antarctic Heritage Trust.

The Trust, based in New Zealand, is engaged in a long-term cold conservation project to protect the explorers' legacy; the bases and the artefacts they left behind, for current and future generations.

See all of the images and read more about the discovery Antarctica Heritage Trust.

100-Year-Old Negatives Found in Antarctica Ice

100-Year-Old Negatives Found in Antarctica Ice

100-Year-Old Photos From Lost Antarctic Discovered

Alexander Stevens on the Aurora.


Big Razorback Island, McMurdo Sound. It was most likely taken from the deck of the Aurora in January 1915.


This photo was taken from the deck of the Aurora looking South to Hut Point Peninsula.


Alexander Stevens on Aurora deck, chief scientist and geologist.


Iceberg and land, Ross Island.


Dad Draws Cool Lunch Bag Cartoon Character Illustrations

For many of us eating lunch from a lunch bag in a non event, nothing cool happens. But when your dad is Graphic Designer, Brian Dunn, you’ll find some cool lunch bag cartoon character illustrations! For the past 2 years, Brian Dunn, has been drawing beautiful cartoon characters. He started as a celebration to celebrate his son’s completion of 1st grade.

Brian Dunn posted his lunch bag illustrations on reddit – “I draw all the time, I decided his bags were good practice. Tough material to work on, and it would motivate me to keep doing something different every day,” he wrote.

Check out Dunn’s awesome illustrations – from spiderman, Rango, bears and many more fantastic cartoon characters!

Cartoon Character Illustrations


















Dad Draws Lunch Bag Cartoon Character Illustrations


Dad Draws Lunch Bag Cartoon Character Illustrations


Dad Draws Lunch Bag Cartoon Character Illustrations


Dad Draws Lunch Bag Cartoon Character Illustrations

Dad Draws Lunch Bag Cartoon Character Illustrations


Dad Draws Lunch Bag Cartoon Character Illustrations


Dad Draws Lunch Bag Cartoon Character Illustrations


20 Creative Gift Ideas for Photographers

Choosing a gift for Photographers can be challenging, but if you get creative enough and think outside the square you may be pleasantly surprised with what you can find. Remembering a friend or loved ones hobby is always the best option when finding a gift for someone, it helps them gain more with what they’re passionate about.

Today many of us have a camera either on they’re phone or one for holidays. These creative gift ideas for photographers as fantastic for people who love taking photographs. These gift ideas are just expensive cameras or equipment, they’re fun and quirky! To find out more about any of these gift ideas for photographers you can click on the link below them. Which gift idea is your favourite?


Camera Lens Pendant

20 Creative Gift Ideas for Photographers

CAMERA LENS PENDANT Black Bronze Red Blue Photographer Gift for Her Camera Necklace Graflex Lens Photo Under Glass, Not an Actual Lens. $13.95, via Etsy.

Photoshop Fridge Magnets

20 Creative Gift Ideas for Photographers

20 Creative Gift Ideas for Photographers

Though they won’t allow you to Edit > Undo that over-seasoned soup, or clone stamp a hole in your pie crust they can make you feel a little more at home in your kitchen. (link)

SLR Pinhole Lens

20 Creative Gift Ideas for Photographers

Simply slap this lens on your camera body for a lo-fi pinhole look (link)

Lens Bracelets

Designed exclusively for camera-obsessed photogs, this soft silicone bracelet is a replica of your lens’ focusing ring. (link)

The Level Camera Cube

The Level Camera Cube that slides into your camera’s hot shoe. Simply point at your subject and align the bubbles to set up a straight and narrow frame. (Available here: link)

The Bottle Cap Tripod

Need a tripod in a jiff? Grab the nearest soda or water bottle, stick on the Bottle Cap Tripod, and you’re set! Self-portraits, group photos on self-timer, and steady low-light shots just became a whole lot easier! (Available here: 1, 2)

Photoshop Frame

Designer Irina Blok has created the world’s first analog photoshop frame. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available for sale anymore. Only 50 frames were produced (for $50 a pop!)… and they sold out like hot cakes (link)

Camera Phone Lens



Universal 3 in 1 Camera Lens Kit for Smart phones (including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Motorola and More), Tablets, iPad, and Laptops includes One Fish Eye Lens / One 2 in 1 Macro Lens and Wide Angle Lens / One Universal Clip / One Microfiber Carrying Bag / with Camkix® retail packaging (Black) (link)

Camera Lamp

Transparent House chose a vintage camera and flipped the whole notion behind the camera: instead of taking in light, the camera is now the source. (link)

Cloak Bag

The Cloak™ bag is the world’s first shoot-through camera bag that allows a user with a DSLR or SLR camera to take photos without removing the camera from the safety of the bag. It’s the perfect fit for travelers or any photographer who has missed a shot simply because the camera was left in the bag. (link)

The Super-Secret Spy Lens

Meant to fit the end of your SLR’s zoom lens, this guy has a secret cut-out on the side and a precision mirror assembly inside. In short, you can shoot left, right, up, or down (it swivels 360 degrees), all while appearing to shoot straight ahead. (Available here: link)

Camera USB Drive

Just like a real DSLR, the lens detaches from the camera body. But lo, what is this? The lens is a USB stick, a most unique and stylish device for getting your photos and files from Point A to Point B (and even C and D!). (Available here: 1, 2)

The Camera Lens Mug

Mugs that are so realistic, you might have to use post-its just to remind yourself which is for coffee and which is for taking photos. (Available here: nikon mug, canon mug)

Inflatable Photo Studio

Inflatable portable studio has been officially released, U.S. company recently introduced a portable studio that can be inflated, referred to as IPS.It is reported that this inflatable studio (Inflatable Photo Studio, IPS) takes only three minutes to blow up, very fast and easy to use! Provided a total of two models to choose from, small 3.6 × 2 × 3m, large 6 × 3.6 × 3.6m, priced at 350 dollars and 500 U.S. dollars. (link)

Camera Phone Lenses

Attach to your cell phone and transform your standard flat phone photos into wide and up-close wonders.They work with any camera phone and attaching them is easy breezy! A detachable magnetic ring sticks to your cell, providing a sturdy, shake-free hold between the lens and your phone. (Available here: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Corner Frames

Designed by Yvonne Schroeder from German company Details, corner picture frames give solution for decorating the inside and outside corners of any wall. (link)

Mini Model Camera With 3 Lenses




“This rare and tiny gem is a superbly detailed and a very real-looking 1/6 scale model of your own life-sized DSLR with every button, screen, switch, n’ dial in place. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more want-worthy, three detachable lenses are included with removable lens hoods, too!” (link)

Product Design

40 Awesome Ways to Reuse Old Stuff

Recycling is a big part of our lives, when an item breaks down we automatically discard it without even thinking. But what if we were imaginative and found ways to reuse old stuff? There are so many awesome ways you can turn your old stuff into something useful like turning old cutlery into works of art or decorative wall hooks.

If you hate to see things go to waste, you need to put on your thinking cap and think of something creative you can turn it into. Sometimes trash isn’t always trash, a piece of broken timber may look like a useless piece of material, but once you start exploring new ways of using it, you could create a purposeful item like a bookshelf, creative clock or seat. In today’s article we’ll be exploring 40 Awesome Ways to Reuse Old Stuff, the people that create this stuff are very talented, I hope you find lots of unique ways you can reuse old stuff into something brilliant!

Some interesting facts about recycling:

  1. The average person generates over 4 pounds of trash every day and about 1.5 tons of solid waste per year.
  2. Americans make more than 200 million tons of garbage each year, enough to fill Busch Stadium from top to bottom twice a day. Next time you’re at a sporting event or tailgate, host a trash-free tailgate using only recyclable materials Sign up for Trash-Free Tailgate.
  3. Over 75% of waste is recyclable, but we only recycle about 30% of it.


Apple Monitor Dog Bed

40 Awesome Ways to Reuse Old Stuff


Bicycle Wheel Frames



Mismatch Chair Bench

40 Awesome Ways to Reuse Old Stuff


Spoons grouped together to make art

40 Awesome Ways to Reuse Old Stuff


Recycled Bottle Candle Holder

40 Awesome Ways to Reuse Old Stuff


Pop Top Lamp Shade



Desk Globes as Chandelier



Tshirt Grocery Bags



Socks with holes turned into gloves



Recycled License Plates turned into Bird Feeders



Wine Bottles Into Chandelier


Old TV Into Aquarium


Glove Into a Chipmunk


Bike Wheel Into Clock


Bicycle Into Sink Stand


TP Rolls Into Organizer Box


CD Spindle Into Bagel Holder

Toasted bagel + avocado in a CD spindle. (link)

Wrenches Into Wall Hooks


Lightbulbs Into Oil Lamps


Computer Into Mailbox


Credit Cards Into Guitar Picks

(Buy: here or here)

Glass Marbles Into Fence Decor


Bottle Caps Into Tea Lights


Skateboards Into Children Picnic Table


Bottles Into Pendant Lamps


Old Piano Into Outdoor Fountain


Old Cassette Tape Into Purse


Drum Kit Into Chandelier

Old Ladder Into Bookshelf


Vintage Suitcase Into Chair


Chair Into Shelf/Closet Unit


Old Books Into Shelves


Bowlers Into Lamps


Tennis Rackets Into Mirrors


Plastic Bottle Into Broom


Hangers Into Room Divider


Old Piano Into Bookshelf


Spoons Into Lamp


Bathtub Into Couch


Pop Tabs Into Bag



16 Weird and Creative Resumes

Let’s face it, job hunting isn’t the most enjoyable thing to do! Searching for endless jobs that suit your skills, applying for them and going to the dreaded job interview is something we all fear. No matter what job you apply for you’re going to need a creative resume. These resumes pack some punch when it comes to being creativity, featuring 4 pack beer resumes, coffee bag resumes, vintage travelling bag resume to sewn fabric resume.

A résumé is a marketing tool in which the content should be adapted to suit each individual job application and/or applications aimed at a particular industry. The transmission of résumés directly to employers became increasingly popular as late as 2002.

In this day and age you need to look unique and professional. Your resume above all else needs to stand out and be noticed, these weird and creative resumes ideas designed by creatives got them noticed in the competitive job market. In this article we’ve found 16 Weird and Creative Resumes, these resume ideas will get your creative juices flowing when creating your own awesome resume!

4 Pack Beer Resume

Creative Resumes

Employers receive countless resumes from hopeful job applicants, but not many come in the form of craft-brewed 4-packs of beer. (link: abcnews)

Coffee Bag Resume by Benjamin Dooling

Creative Resumes

Benjamin wanted his resume to not only feature his qualifications and skills, but to also represent his artistic philosophy. He created a line of locally-roasted coffee, packed in craft-paper bags with his information printed on them. (link: benjamindooling)

Vintage Resume Package by Brian Moose

Creative Resumes

Brian is now hoping that this resume will land him a job at Pixar Animation Studios. (link: brianmoose)

Milk Box Resume by Miguel Rato

Miguel created this resume, hoping to be hired by a London-based advertising agency in London, Wieden + Kennedy. He’s still waiting for the answer. (link: miguelrato)

Bookable Resume by Mike Freeman

Not wanting to waste any time for potential employers, Mike Freeman put up a “Book a meeting” section next to his resume. By filling in the application, you‘re also granted a „firm handshake, a limited-edition business card and resume hard copies”. (link:

Facebook Resume by Sabrina Saccocio

Sabrina wanted people to automatically feel comfortable with her resume, so she wisely chose to incorporate her personal information into a Facebook profile format. Not only does this give the main facts about her, but also demonstrates how social media-savvy and creative Sabrina is. (link:

Old-School Movie Poster Resume by Joe Kelso

„This resume was my secret weapon,” says Jon Kelso, who presented his personal information in a form of an old-school movie poster. Before the crisis struck, he says he would get invited to an interview everytime he‘d send out a copy of this CV. (link:

T-shirt Resume

What has now become a trend and can even be ordered and customized online, was first started back in 2008. Kelly Kinney, wearing a T-shirt that read “I need a job” and her resume on the back, would hang around various coffee houses, hoping to get noticed and hired. (link:

Board Game Resume by Kristian Leigh Walsh

Kristian Leigh Walsh gave her curriculum a form of a board game, where a little car would trace down her achievements and list of skills. (link:

Subway Map Resume by Jonathan Kaczynski

It‘s not unheard of to compare your life a journey, or a road: probably inspired by this metaphor, Jonathan Kaczynski constructed his resume in a form of a subway map. (link:

Newspaper Style Resume by Chuck D. Lay

A nice resume might sometimes serve as part of your portfolio, especially if you‘re a graphic designer like this guy from Louisiana. We don’t know if he got the job, but Deviantart users absolutely loved this old-school newspaper design! (link:

Sewn Fabric Resume by Melissa Washin

“Sewing is one of my biggest passions, and I wanted to convey that somehow in my resume.” After transferring her resume on a white fabric, Melissa sewed it onto multiple fabrics to hand out. Her efforts helped her land a job right after graduation. (link: melissamakesthings)

Google Resume by Eric Gandhi

Eric actually got an interview with Google after his resume was featured on several websites. The guy later admitted he didn’t take job in the end, but got a position in another company where he felt appreciated. (link: ericgandhi)

3D Resume by Sarah Odgers

“Why hand a boring, Word-based resume to a potential employer when you can showcase your abilities and personality to create a great first impression?” Despite the employer laughing in her face when he first saw this resume, she still got the job. (link: sarahodgers)

Talking Resume by Victor Petit

QR CODE – Content-rich Resume from Victor petit on Vimeo.

“I realized during my previous job search that getting an interview at a communication agency is the hardest part of the process,” says Petit. “I tried to create a CV that would enable me to express myself vocally as soon as they read the paper version. The combination of a sheet of paper and a QR code felt like the best way to reach that goal.” (link: victorpetit)

Badass Typographic Resume by Shakira Twigden

“I wanted to grab someone’s attention. People take design too seriously, especially when searching for jobs. I basically wanted to say “Hey, I know that you are busy and have a team full of great people, but I can get the job done too.” (link: shakiratwigden)


30 Weird and Creative Stair Designs

When we  walk into a building with more than one floor, we never really give a second thought to the stairs. Let’s face it stairs aren’t the most exciting feature of a building, they’re usually pretty boring with their design and structure.

To help change your mind and how weird and creative stair designs can be, we’ve found these 30 unusual stairs which will open your eyes. A stairway, staircase, stairwell, flight of stairs, or simply stairs is a construction designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances, called steps. Stairs may be straight, round, or may consist of two or more straight pieces connected at angles.

Scroll down to see these 30 Weird and Creative Stair Designs, which one if your favourite? Comment below…

Floating Helical

Creative Stair Designs


Hard to believe that this staircase does not seem to touch the ground. Amazing veneer work that flows down the balustrade and onto the soffit. Via Isay Weinfeld

Floating Disks

Creative Stair Designs

These oversized disks of concrete seem to float between levels. Via LA Times, photo by Allen J. Schaben

Triangular Treads

Creative Stair Designs

These triangular in profile treads give the stair a solid feel when viewed from behind and floating when looked side on. Via Archdaily

Dinosaur Ribs


Biology inspired staircase situated in a South Korean medical centre via frameweb.

Tienda Centauro / AUM Arquitetos


A very bright shiny staircase, reminiscent of Heatherwicks Longchamp NY staircase. Via plataformaarquitectura

Steel Stairs


From Rowin Petersma, this divided staircase is made of expanded steel that lets the maximum amount of light shine through from the top floor of the apartment.

Deep Stairs


These unusually deep stairs, and the 4-stories of house surrounding them, come with the rather large price tag of $38 million. The iconic NYC property, designed by Paul Rudolph, has seen many a famous person inside including Halston and Gunter Sachs, who were both previous owners.

Bizarre Stairs


This small, uniquely shaped house calls for a small, uniquely shaped staircase and that’s just what Kyoto-based Alphaville Architects designed.

Stone Stairs


Designed by Castroferro Arquitectos, these extra-wide stone stairs with wood treads on top match the floating wood stairs above, all with enough room to store books on the sides.

Multi Colored Textured Wood


Italian company 14 Ora Italiana has a collection of wood grain porcelain tiles that were inspired by the works of Andy Warhol. The Uonuon line comes in fourteen colors that are featured on this colorful and fun staircase.


“Coat storage is often an eyesore, but not with this understairs unit. The well-engineered sliding cupboard can use hooks or clothes rails according to preference.” (Designed by Deriba Furniture)

Sensualscaping Stairs

“The stair is a continuation and intensification of the simple graphic skirting board lines that trace their way through the house. As they turn the corner into the stair void, they expand like a genie released from a lamp, curling and separating and bifurcating from the wall to form the delicate edge of the stair treads, lifting into the air to rise as the veil of the balustrade.” (Designed by Atmos Studio)


Staircase designed for a private residence in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006 by Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom. (Designed by TAF arkitektkontor)

Flat F.M

These floating stairs link the living room to the private space reserved for the owner under the rooftops. (Designed by ecole)

Tree Stairs

Beautiful metal tree serves as a handrail. (Designed by Architetture del Ferro)

Spiral Staircase Slide

A super fun spiral staircase design with a slide for kids.(Designer: unknown)

The Rainbow House Stairs

“The Rainbow House is a magical oasis on a busy road filled with people and noise. When you step through its front door, you enter a parallel universe of fun, colour, movement and sensuality, leaving the ordinary world far behind.” (Designed by Ab Rogers)

Emmental Stairs

“The Emmental stairs was designed for a young creative family with an equisite design taste and an eye for details and their two children. They were just starting the refurbishment of their apartment and wanted interior stairs that would harmonize with the historic ambiance of the apartment and their aesthetic requirements, but also add an extra touch to their living space.” (Designed by Biljana Jovanović)

Blood Vessel Stairs

“The home may be a machine for living, but it’s also an mechanical extension of the body.” (Designed by DMVA Architecten)

Steel Stair Mesh at Villa La Roche

“French architecture firm archiplein designed Villa La Roche in Rochebaudin with a centerpiece staircase wrapped in an irregular steel mesh.” [1] (Designed by archiplein)

Barbie Shanghai Store

Spiral staircase enclosed by eight hundred Barbie dolls. (Designed by Slade Architecture)

M Lofts

“The alternate tread stair was designed to be a perfect union of functionality, structure and form. With regard to functionality, the stair is comfortable, safe to climb, and spatially efficient; the open sides of the stair provide ample and well-placed grip locations.” (Designed by nC2architecture)

New York University Stairs

“The complete interior renovation of the 1890 corner building at 5 Washington Place for the consolidation of the New York University Department of Philosophy organizes the new spaces around light and phenomenal properties of materials. A new stair shaft below a new skylight joins the 6-level building vertically with a shifting porosity of light and shadow that change seasonally. Prismatic film was installed on the south-facing stairwell windows which occasionally break the sunlight into a prismatic rainbow.” (Designed by Steven Holl Architects)

Bookcase Staircase

“Limited by space, we melded the idea of a staircase with our client’s desire for a library to form a ‘library staircase’ in which English oak stair treads and shelves are both completely lined with books.” (Designed by Levitate Architects)

Ribbon Staircase

“The concept of a delicate rippling ribbon was chosen in view of the exposed position of the staircase in the main living area of the house. The staircase is constructed from 10mm thick sheet metal. Pairs of adjoining steps connected with an oblique external side joist form a bracket anchored in the wall. Each of the brackets is constructed as a rigid frame. The higher steps bear mainly drawing forces, while pressure is transmitted through the lower steps.” (Designed by HSH Architects)

Godzilla Stairs

“The ambiguous spatial limits, along with the light streaming in through the hidden windows, lends the place a feeling of endlessness.” (Designed by Chae-Pereira Architects)

Stairs Made From Skateboard Decks

“This is a set of steps I made for our skateboard school. The aluminium beam is a solid billet of aluminium and the decks were custom made with concave only on one edge. You should see the look on our students faces when they make the treck to the basement.” (link)

Staircase in Northampton

Sculptural staircase with glass and timber details. (Designed by Philip Watts)

Loft F27

“The concept “Black or White“ is the underlying idea of a radical new design for an urban apartment in the north of Graz. Modern architecture has transformed a two-storey apartment built in the 1990s into a multi-functional loft serving as home and office. Whereas the owners see the apartment as the perfect fusion of functional and extravagant design, some visitors tend to regard it as too austere.” [2] (Designed by Schlosser und Partner)

Storage Stairs

Creative way to use space under your stairs.(Designer: unknown)

Staircase Slide Combo

“At the request of his children, London architect Alex Michaelis installed a slide next to the staircase in their new eco-friendly dream home.” [3] (Designed by Alex Michaelis)

National Olympic Commettee House

“This work represents the idea of dynamics in sport with the abstract compositions of the staircase and the reception table. The first object you encounter is the introverted desk with its never-ending fissure, and then you meet the extroverted staircase – like the open path to Olympus, where the summit meets its own reflection, inferring that striving never ends, that there is no limit to human achievement.” (Designed by Architects of Invention)

Extreme Staircase

Designed by Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann

Timber Stripes

“Great stair for the School of Arts comprised of laminated timber. Some of the timber strips have been painted adding extra dynamics.” (Designed by Tetrarc)

Spiral Staircase

“From above and below, the wood grain provides a contrasting and changing set of fine-grain textures set against the regular rhythms of the overall stair design.” [4] (Designed by Patrick Jouin)


100 Creative Examples of Street Art

Nowadays you don’t have to go to a art gallery to see creative art, in this collection we’ve gathered 100 Creative Examples of Street Art, which showcase how important street art is to the community.

Imagine turning the ordinary fence, wall or column into something creative by adding in street art. Not only can it brighten up an otherwise dull area, but it can attract visitors to the location. Bringing smiled to peoples faces and even raising eyebrows, street art can  help bring life to a city.

The opposite to street art is usually known as graffiti, this can have a devastating impact on a community. Attacking abandoned buildings and run down communities, bad street art can lead to neighborhoods uninviting leading to vandalism.

Today however we’ll be looking at the best 100 Creative Examples of Street Art, take a look at these beautiful works of art. Which one is your favourite? Comment below!


100 Creative Examples of Street Art

100 Creative Examples of Street Art

100 Creative Examples of Street Art

100 Creative Examples of Street Art

creative street art

cool street art



28 Cool and Fun Bedroom Interiors for Kids

Being a kid is such a magical time, a child’s surrounding can impact how they grow and learn. A child’s living space should be fun and creative. An area where the child can learn and play is essential, the best place for this is in the kid’s bedroom! In today’s post we’ll be looking at cool and fun bedroom interiors for kids.

When designing an interior for kids you’ll need to consider it’s safety, sure it may look really awesome but how safe is it? Ropes, Ladders and sharp edges may be an issue when designing for children. These creative bedroom interiors for kids showcase some magical ideas. I wish I could have  grown up with any of these bedroom interiors, ranging from Castles, Ships, Nature to Spaceship bedrooms – these kids bedrooms are pretty impressive!

Which one is your favourite? Comment below!


Castle Bedroom

28 Cool and Fun Bedroom Interiors for Kids

Designed by Unknown

Attic Bedroom


Designed by Unknown

Green Kids Bedroom

28 Cool and Fun Bedroom Interiors for Kids

Designed by Unkown

Teenage Pink Bedroom


Designed by Unknown

Modern Blue Bedroom

28 Cool and Fun Bedroom Interiors for Kids

Designed by Unknown

Secret Treehouse Play Room

Bedroom Interiors for Kids

Designed by Jorge Simos

House Within A House

Photo by boscco

Fairy-Tale Nursery

Designed by

Ship Captain’s Bedroom

Designed by Brian Vanden Brink

Adventure Treehouse Room

Image credits: Gabriel Builders

Circus Bedroom

Designed by Kate Dixon

Princess’ Carriage And Bedroom

Image credits: unknown

Ship Captain’s Lookout And Bedroom

Image credits:


Forest Wonderland Bedroom

Designed by Виктория Файнблат

Racetrack Bedroom

Designed by Wendi Young

Hideout Tubes

Designed by MPR Design Group

Basketball Court Bedroom

Image credits:

Island Shipwreck Bedroom

Designed by

Super Mario Room

Image credits:

Or You Can Give Your Kids Thousands of Stickers And Let Them Go Nuts:

Image credits:Yayoi Kusama

Pirate Ship Room

Designed by

Calvin and Hobbes Bedroom

Designed by Katri Nurmela

Secret Chronicles Of Narnia Room

Image credits:

Personal Teepee

Designed by

Spaceship Captain’s Console

Designed by Jeremiah Gorman

Tree House Bedroom

Designed by

Secret Slide Passage And Play Room

Image credits:

Hide Away bedroom


Designed by Unknown


37 Beautiful Examples of Landscape Photography

Many of us admire beautiful examples of landscape photography, but how many of us leave our expensive cameras to collect dust and never use them? Every now and then we all need a hobby to help fulfil our time and maybe Photography can be the answer.

To help you become inspired and motivation we want to show you some stunning landscape photography from around the globe. These photos should help you get out the door with your camera and motivate you to get into nature and go back to basics when photography. Mother nature makes for a beautiful canvas! Why not enjoy it’s glory, you can start by taking pictures when the lighting is just right. This is usually best at dawn or dusk and helps to bring in more depth. Low contrast captures more depth in nature making your photo reach it’s greatest.

Take a look through these 37 Beautiful Examples of Landscape Photography and see which photo inspires you! Share your own landscape photography with us!

Genova Landscape


Photo by Luca Rosacura

Surreal Landscape


Photo by Awstein

Romania Landscape


Photo by el1as

Shiny Landscape


Photo by Juhku

Infrared Landscape Part III


Photo by knechtrootrecht

foggy landscape


Photo by anaid-anael

Landscapes Wallpaper-Pack


Photo by Miguel-Santos

The Road Goes Ever On & On

Photo by Gary McParland

Fields of Gold

Photo by Allard One

Tunnel of Love

Photo by Oleg Gordienko

Japan Flower Park

Photo by

Netherlands Flower Park

Photo by

Wisteria Tunnel at Pinces Gardens

Photographer unknown

In the Mist’s..

Photo by Michal Ostrowski

On the Field`s Appeal

Photo by Pawel Kucharski

Under A Blood Red Sky

Photo by Ian Sane

Rain of Spring

Photo by Kouji Tomihisa

Rapeseed And the Tree

Photo by aspheric.lens

A Twankly Mess

Photo by ™ Pacheco


Photo by Erasmus T

Lost In an Ocean of Red

Photo by powerfocusfotografie


Photo by sullivan™

They Thought That It Was a Spring

Photo by Pawel Kucharski

Black Forest

Photo by andy linden

Lavender Sunrise

Photo by Antony Spencer


Photo by B’Rob

Trees Watching Sunrise

Photo by Larry Lefever

Fields of Tea

Photographer unknown

Blue Pond & First Snow

Photo by Kent Shiraishi

Autumn With Tractor

Photo by pawel uchorczak


Photo by Lina Gunawan

Bluebell Sunrise

Photo by Antony Spencer

Painting of Nature

Photo by hardibudi

Red District

Photo by Ales Komovec

La Magie d’Ayguebonne

Photo by Florent Courty

Magic Forest

Photo by deep21

Maravian Field

Photo by Marek Kiedrowski

Product Design

25 Weird and Wonderful Wall Hook Designs

Let’s face it, wall hooks aren’t the most exciting feature, but you haven’t seen these 26 Weird and Wonderful Wall Hook Designs. Even the most common everyday object like Wall Hooks can be turned into some weird and creative. We’ve manually handpicked these cool wall hook designs, some are bizarre and strange while others are strong and would looks rather good in a trendy home.

Wall Hooks are basically used for one purpose, to hang up clothing or hats, if you’re having guests over why not hang there coat up in style! Wall Hooks are often the first item seen in a home or office, get some fresh ideas on this usually dull house feature!


Don´t look Back! hooks

26 Weird and Wonderful Wall Hook Designs

Alpinist shaped hooks that climb the walls in your home carrying your belongings. (Designer: Rafael Fernandez)



The super flexible ORGANIZE allows you to create your very own shelf. You can decide to make it oblong or square or whatever shape that fits you. Only your personal creativity is the limit. Just mount the hooks on the wall, and finish the flow with the felt. (Designer: Says Who)

Puppy Wall Hooks


(Designer: Unknown)

Diving Man Wall Hooks


(Designer: Unknown)

Gun Wall Hooks


(Designer: Unknown)

Mr.P One Man Hang

Mr.P once again proves that his hook is strong enough to withstand anything. (link)


Probably inspired by Captain Obvious. (Designer: yoox)

Ninja Star Coat Hook

If you ever survive a ninja attack, make use of it . (link)

Regnah Hanger

Hanger for anyone with a crazy desire to hit a door or a wall with an axe. (link)

Office Clip Hook

Someone finally did it—improved an everyday paperclip. It’s 10 times bigger, stronger and more contemporary, too. A great catchall for your modern office, it’s made of heat-treated steel to hold coats, bags or files. (link)

Mountain Coat Range

Inspired by excess material from our cut sheets, the contrast of Walnut to the exposed interior of Certified Maple becomes the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Grand Tetons. A functional landscape for your home that leaves little impact on the actual frontier. The mountain range’s peaks enable you to hang four or more items. (Designer: BraveSpaceDesign)

Forget Me Not

“Forget-me-not” is a set of clothes-hooks, the petals bent so that articles can be hung from them. This is a product in the sphere of emotion, refinement, poetic beauty and harmony. As such, it can also be simply decorative and give rise to floral combinations. (Designer: Charlotte Lancelot)

“Here Hook”

Here’s the “Here Hook!” It’s an arrow, basically just pointing to the general area of itself. It’s a coat hook. It knows exactly where you’d be precisely in the area of cool if you want to hang up your jacket. Or hat! (Designer: Richard Shed)

En Suspend

Clocks deliver three useful items in one a mirror (stainless steel), wall clock, and hook. (Designer: diamantini & domeniconi)

Bird Hook

A ceramic hook in shape off a bird where you can expose your favorite accessories. (Designer: Jantze Brogård Asshoff)

Active Hanger

Mountain climbing posts you install on your walls, serve as both hooks for clothing, and a rock-climbing-esque wall in your house. (Designer: Ferran Lajara)

Dart Coat Hook

26 Weird and Wonderful Wall Hook Designs

Make a playful statement in your wall! Set of three Stainless steel darts with a special wall fixing. A unique hook for hanging your favorite hat or jacket. (Designer: Anthony Chrisp)

8-Bit Hanger

Mount to your wall, and then use to hang your non 8 bit stuff. (link)

Paint Brush Wall Hook

26 Weird and Wonderful Wall Hook Designs

This coat hook design is the result of a challenge to take an everyday object & remold, rebuild, & repurpose it to create an entirely new item while using as little additional material as possible. (Designer: Dominic Wilcox)


Little butterflies flying out of a magic hat. (Designed by Lamidea)


26 Weird and Wonderful Wall Hook Designs

Wooden raindrop wall hooks. (Designer: Jantze Brogård Asshoff)

“DROP” The Flowing Wall Coat Rack

DROP – a series of functional ornaments for walls and any other flat surfaces. It offers you an innovative and ideal possibility, to give naked walls a new look – with colourful and user-friendly hooks that seem to flow. (link)

Hang On

Hang On is an unpretentious and humorous coat rack that is accessible and easy to decode with its oblique expression. (Designer: Jade Barnes-Richardson)

Knife Hooks

Show your character by making your home look like a war zone. (Designer: tc studio)

High Tea Wall Hooks

An interesting way to use your old teapots. (Designer: coroflot)

Product Design

27 Weird and Creative Beds

We spend a lot of our time sleeping, so it’s no surprise that we need to choose the right best. In this article we’ll be looking at some weird and creative beds. Picking an ordinary looking bed is what most of us do, but did you know that beds are being redesigning by some cool industrial designers? We’ve taken a look at some surreal and crazy must see bed designs you might consider sleeping on.

A University of California, San Diego psychiatry study of more than one million adults found that people who live the longest self-report sleeping for six to seven hours each night. Another study of sleep duration and mortality risk in women showed similar results. Other studies show that “sleeping more than 7 to 8 hours per day has been consistently associated with increased mortality,” though this study suggests the cause is probably other factors such as depression and socioeconomic status, which would correlate statistically. It has been suggested that the correlation between lower sleep hours and reduced morbidity only occurs with those who wake naturally, rather than those who use an alarm.

Some of these beds look pretty comfy, while others look completely outrageous. Ultimately these beds are not the norm but showcase some interesting concepts. Which one would you like to own?

THE COSMOS BED (The Space Bed)


Embark on a space of relaxation, rest and sleep with The Cosmos Bed ! The Cosmos Bed is partially open bed that resembles an egg or a capsule. This bed is designed for your most possible comfort and security. (Designer: Natalie Rumyanseva)

Future Hospital Bed


This design concept aims to standardize hospital cubicles, making them both practical and hygienic, with fold out seating and over bed tables to a self-driving device which moves patients around the hospital, reducing contact with of people and the potential for spreading germs. (Designer: Oliver George Lucas)

Enignum Bed

This bed embraces and protects, creating a personal environment beyond its function. (Designer: Joseph Walch)

Concealed Bed

Total hidden protection for money and other valuables is a reality, using this 1300 lb secure 78”x 60”x 14” (queen size) 10 gauge steel strongbox fitted with ¼” thick steel 140 lb. hinged doors. (link)

“The Fluttua” Floating Bed

Fluttua is a suspended, height-adjustable bed available in round and rectangular models. The Fluttua bed eliminates everything superfluous to leave more room for thought. The characteristic of the product is its single, height-adjustable central leg and multi-layer base combined with a solid iron structure anchored to the wall. (Designer: Daniele Lago)

Sosia Bed

“Sosia” comprises two seats that can be pushed together to form a day bed, separated into two arm chairs or wrapped in the extended cover to create a private space within a larger room. (Designer: Emanuele Magini)

Fetal Position Bed

Even if you manage to fall asleep in this position, it doesn’t necessary mean you’ll wake up like that.


Book Bed

To resolve the issues of lack of space faced by a lot of urban-dwelling Japanese families, photographer and innovater, Yusuke Suzuki, created a ‘fold-up’ bed in the shape of a book. When the book is opened at night, it’s pages serve as a duvet and pillows and it comes with large cut out shapes and illustrations. During the day it can be folded up and used as a playmat.(Designer: Yusuke Suzuki) (link)

Trix Bed

Trix is a modular piece of furniture that features of three cushions of different sizes linked by an elegant system of rubber bands. Trix can moonlight as an ottoman, a day bed a comfortable lounge chair and a welcoming armchair. (Designer: Piero Lissoni)

Cardboard Bed “Itbed”

The itbed is made from 7 mm thick cardboard that is folded like an accordion. In one step the itbed can be collapsed into an easily portable bundle making the cardboard bed an ideal solution for guest beds or frequent movers. The zigzag profile of the itbed, reminiscent of a house of cards, is stabilized from head to foot by two lengths of webbing. (Designer: IT Design)

Giant Brush Bed

Bed which looks like giant brush. (Designer: Ron Arad, student of BCUC)

Phat Knitt

PHAT KNITS is a series of giant threads used to create, knitted or not, interior products. (Designer: Bauke Knottnerus)

Vertical Bed

This bed encases the sleeper in a marshmallow of comfortable cushion while supporting the body in an upright position. (Designer: Ernesto Neto)

Foldable Bed

The bed uses fiberglass reinforced plastic tubes that can be telescoped in order to be adaptable to different sizes of the mattress. The angled frames can be arranged as a space-saving diamond holding together all tubes and the rest of the wooden frames. (Designer: Nicola From Bern)

Embrace Lounge

Embrace lounge has a hidden, body-shaped curve in it, allowing you to feel the comfort of a warm embrace. (Designer: Tanya Aguiniga)

Tree Bed

With this bed you can feel as though you were sleeping in the forest. Each leaf and tendril is hand-forged and unique. (Designer: Shaw Lovell)

Geometric Bed

Bed which looks like it belongs to a art gallery. (Designer: Jacob+MacFarlane)

Ohm Transformable Bed

Ohm is a transformable bed for small spaces. It becomes in two beds when you separate the structure and at the same time this modules pleat to generate 2 benchs of different forms. (Designer: Victor M. Aleman)

Letto Zip

Make your daily bed-making chore easier. With this bed you can zip up all the mess and nobody will ever notice. (Designer: Florida)

Rocking Bed “Private Cloud”

Just like your mother used to rock you sleep, you can finally do it yourself when your mother is not around. (Designer: Manuel Kloker)

Giant Birdnest

Giant Birdsnest bed was dedicated for breeding new ideas. It was designed as part of the Green Garden Exhibition, part of the openning event of O*GE Gallery in April 2008. (Designers: Merav Eitan & Gaston Zahr)

Feel The Deluxe

The Feel Deluxe is made of 120 soft and extremely pleasant balls. (link)

Sonic Bed

The Sonic Bed is a purpose built portable venue which plays music that moves for the prone bodies of an audience, who can come lie in the bed alone or together. (Designer: Kaffe Matthews)

Hamburger Bed

Kayla bought a round mattress from the 70′s and made everything else herself…(with the exception of pickle chip pillows which she received from a wonderful friend). The bed is 8′ in diameter and stands about 3′ tall. In Kayla’s opinion it was the most comfortable bed she had ever owned… ever! (Designer: Kayla Kromer)

Magnetic Floating Bed

Using the power of permanent opposing industrial-strength magnets to enable it to float, the full scale bed can hold 900 kilograms of weight, while a smaller one fifth scale platform can safely hold 80 kilogams. (Designer: Janjaap Ruijssenaars)

Hammock Bed “Le Beanock”

Beauty is combined with functionality as the industrial standard cloth is hand finished with classic zig-zag stitching .LE BEANOCK™ is unique in both its design & manufacture. It can be taken down when space is needed, moved easily to clean underneath and the chains can be shortened at the back to create an ariel sofa! (Designer: Le Beanock)

Yin-Yang Bed

Yin is female and yang is male. So, as you’ve guessed – Yin is missing in the picture. (Designer: Alessio Pappa)


38+ Places You Should Visit Before You Die

Planet earth is packed with beautiful places and magnificent scenery. Most of us don't have the money let alone time visit these places. Can travelling to beautiful locations and places help us to find ourselves and grow as a person? Whether you're travelling in luxury or travelling on a budget the end result usually stays the same. In today's post we'll be taking a look at 40 Places You Should Visit Before You Die. 

These Places You Should Visit Before You Die should be added to your bucket list! These gorgeous places include Venice, Argentia, Greece, China and loads more. World sightseeing can be deeply moving and help us to grasp a betting understanding of how big and precious our planet really is. Sit back and relax as you view these sensational Places You Should Visit Before You Die, you may even want some ideas on where to go on your next holiday! Comment below and tell us your favourite!


Venice, Italy

Image credits: Constantin Gololobov

Image credits: Peter Young

Image credits: holland fotograaf

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Image credits: Manu

Image credits: Jack Brauer

Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil

Image credits:

Image credits:

Navagio Bay, Greece

Image credits: Johan Björling

Provence, France


Image credits: Benh Lieu Song

Image credits: Giovanni Allievi

Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Image credits: Vittorio Chiampan

Image credits: Mark Smith

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Image credits: Pierre Lesage

Image credits: David Kosmos Smith

Moraine Lake, Canada

Image credits: Thomas Spinner

Tulip Fields in Netherlands

Image credits: Allard Schager

Image credits: Normann Szkop

Geiranger Fjord, Norway

Image credits:

Mount Roraima, Venezuela/Brazil/Guyana

Image credits:

Image credits:

Vatnajokull Glacier Cave, Iceland

Image credits: orvaratli

Batu Caves, Malaysia

Image credits: Danny Xeero

Gásadalur, Faroe Islands

Image credits: Gareth Codd

Antelope Canyon, USA

Image credits: CSMphotography

Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

Image credits:

Image credits: leonlagben

Giza Pyramids, Egypt

Image credits: Edward Ewet

Image credits: Dale Johnson

McWay Falls, USA

Image credits: Helena W

Cappadocia, Turkey

Image credits: Beng Lieu Song

Image credits: Kani Polat

Bagan, Myanmar

Image credits: Martin Sojka

Zhangye Danxia Landform in Gansu, China

Image credits:

Images credits: Melinda Chan

Li River, China

Image credits: Weerapong Chaipuck

Image credits: Peter Stewart




Image credits: Ed McGowan

Meteora, Greece

Image credits: Darby Sawchuk

Salar de Uyuni: One of the World’s Largest Mirrors, Bolivia

Image credits: dadi360

Image credits: dadi360

Santorini Island, Greece

Image credits:

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Image credits: Randall Collis

Image credits: lecercle

Yosemite Valley, USA

Image credits: subcmdr

Image credits: Conrad Casper

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

Image credits: nipomen2

Bamboo Forest, Japan

Image credits: Yuya Horikawa

Petra, Jordan

Image credits: Gloria Castro Salvador

Machu Picchu, Peru

Image credits: Lubomir Koulev

Cave in Algarve, Portugal

Image credits: Bruno Carlos

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Image credits: Nic

Pamukkale, Turkey

Image credits: Ahmet Sahin

Image credits: riccio

Rice Terrace Fields in Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

Image credits: Thang Soi

Image credits: Sarawut Intarob

M0nument Valley, USA

Image credits: Jouni Välkki

Naica Mine, Mexico

Image credits: nicole_denise

Image credits: nicole_denise

Hang Son Doong, Vietnam

Image credits: National Geographic


20 Fun and Clever Tear-Off Ads

When thinking about tear-off ads we usually associate them with local people looking to advertise their skills. Creating tear-off advertising can be quick and practical and some big companies even use this technique of advertising. Most of us think of tear-off ads as a boring piece of white paper with tear-off contact information, you probably haven’t seen these fun and clever tear-off ads.

Tear-off advertising in today’s array of communication and internet can be used in a fun and creative way. In today’s collection we’ve gathered 20 Fun and Clever Tear-Off Ads, tear-off advertising doesn’t have to be plain and boring, they can be highly entertaining with advertising their services! Which one is your favourite? Comment below!


Institute of Foreign Languages


True Blood

20 Fun and Clever Tear-Off Ads

Art Lebedev Studio

20 Fun and Clever Tear-Off Ads

Power of Proof Required



The Walking Dead

20 Fun and Clever Tear-Off Ads

Baldness Support Group


Cuttie Cut: Children’s Hair Salon

Agency: Y&R, Toronto / Canada

Business Card For Fitness Trainer

Zohra Mouhetta helps you strip away your belly! (Agency: Leo Burnett, Dubai)

Together We Get Rid Of Pounds

Advertising Agency: Euro Rscg, Zuerich, Switzerland

Teeth Torn

The ad for Liam Daly Bds (dental Practitioners) in Ireland. (Agency: Mcconnells)

Strength Coach Needed

If you cannot tear this phone book then don’t even bother calling. (Image credits: phildesignart)

Amputee Support Group

(Image credits: bsweber)

Ismet Dural Circumciser: Tear off phone-number

Ismet Dural is a circumsicer who owns a clinic. (Agency: Healthy People by Grey, Istanbul, Turkey)

H. Van Haegent: Tear Off A Piano Key

The ad was made for a professional piano teacher and displayed in record stores, music schools and libraries. (Agency: Leo Burnett Belgium)

Hockey Tryouts

(Image credits: bsweber)

Divorce Lawyer: Hand-Tearable Business Card

Notice that there is a contact information on both sides of the business card. (more)

Dr. John Mullaly Dentist: Teeth

Advertising Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, USA

Jamaican Braid Salon: Dreads

Advertising Agency: CrackerJack, Calgary, Canada

Ballet Classes

By: Vivianne’s Studio

Bikini Waxing On The Third Floor

Advertising Agency: Tempo Advertising, Bucharest, Romania


25 Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe

When we think of buildings, many of us think of advertising. Let's face it it's rarely seen but when ads on buildings happen, it can be quite spectacular if done creatively. 

After doing some research I found 25 Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe, these are all stunning works featuring mostly popular brands like Coca-Cola, Movie Promotions and Clothing Apparel. In 2010, spending on advertising was estimated at $143 billion in the United States and $467 billion worldwide.

Ads on Buildings can have a strong impact on viewers, building advertising can be powerful and bold and let's face it – would cost a fortune to create and build! Let's take a look at these 25 Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe.



25 Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe

Havaianas Shoes

25 Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe

Law and Order

25 Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe


25 Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe



Direct Insurance: Parking Building


Coop’s Paints (Insurance Ad)

Advertising Agency: TM Advertising , USA, Dallas

Penline Stationery: Strong tape

Agency: Euro RSCG, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Discovery Channel: Shark

To celebrate Shark Week 2010, Discovery Channel turned their office building in Silver Spring, Maryland into a giant shark.

Alco: Wash Me

Alco – extremely concentrated industrial cleaning products. Advertising Agency: Alma, Santiago, Chile

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Nike Sport

Advertising Agency: unknown

Nike: Ball

Advertising Agency: unknown

Axe : Calendar

Advertising Agency: When Gee, Seoul, South Korea

Allstate Insurance: Marina Tower

Advertising Agency:Leo Burnett Chicago, USA

Powerhouse Gym

Advertising School: Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, USA

Coca-Cola : Refresh On The Side Of Life

Advertising Agency: Maclaren McCann, Toronto, Canada

Vodafone : Make The Most Of Now

Agency: BBH London

Anando Milk – Superhuman Powers

Advertising Agency: McCANN ERICKSON, Mumbai, India

Lego Block

Advertising Agency: unknown

Check The Gas

Advertising Agency: unknown

Pantene Anti-Breakage Shampoo

Advertising Agency: Grey Canada, Toronto, Canada

Red Bull : City Scramble

Advertising Agency: Kastner & Partner, Sydney, Australia

Siemens Mixer


20 of History's Weirdest Inventions

When it comes to inventions, History had quite a few failures. When we think of inventions, many of us think of the Light Bulb, the Parachute and we usually can name inventors like including Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein. In today's article we've focused on History's Weirdest Inventions which failed to make the grade and live on to the present day.

The idea for an invention may be developed on paper or on a computer, by writing or drawing, by trial and error, by making models, by experimenting, by testing and/or by making the invention in its whole form. Brainstorming also can spark new ideas for an invention. Collaborative creative processes are frequently used by engineers, designers, architects and scientists. Co-inventors are frequently named on patents.

History shows that turning the concept of an invention into a working device is not always swift or direct. Inventions may also become more useful after time passes and other changes occur. For example, the parachute became more useful once powered flight was a reality.

Sit back and take a look at these 20 of History's Weirdest Inventions!

Manual dredger

20 of History's Weirdest Inventions

Workers operated the so-called bucket dredger with their arms and legs using stepper boards. The machine is a small model, but whether it was actually realized is unknown.

Amphibious bicycle

20 of History's Weirdest Inventions

This land-and-water bike can carry a load of 120 pounds; Paris, 1932.

Ice sailboat

20 of History's Weirdest Inventions

In the 17th century, it was so cold that meteorologists spoke of a Little Ice Age. The ice sailboat addressed the challenge of transporting goods over frozen lakes and rivers. Designed by A. Terrier, January 17, 1600.

Wetlands windmill

20 of History's Weirdest Inventions

A windmill for draining wetlands, lightweight enough to function in marshy areas. It was designed by C.D. Muys in 1589 but was never built.

Clap skate


In 1936, inventor R. Handl came up with the movable heel plate, but it wasn't until 1996 that this concept revolutionized skating.



A turntable linked to a film projector. It comes with single, dual and triple turntable. Designed by F.B.A. Prinsen, 1929.

Booted rubber boat


Drawing of a 'pneumatic sports- fish and hunt boat,' an inflatable boat for one person with boots attached; The Netherlands, 1915

Car With Shovel For Pedestrians (Paris, 1924)

Kind of shovel on a car. Purpose: reducing the number of casualties among pedestrians.

Early GPS (1932)

Sort of TomTom, early tripmaster. Works using rolling key map. The map passes the screen in a tempo that depends on the speed of the car.

Folding Emergency Bridge (Netherlands, 1926)

Folding bridge for emergencies, invented by L. Deth can easily be transported on a handcart.

Faxed Newspaper (1938)

In 1938 the first wireless newspaper was sent from WOR radiostation in New York. Photo shows children reading the children’s page of a Missouri paper.

Face Protection From Snowstorms (Canada, 1939)

Used to protect ones face from snowstorms. Canada, Montreal, 1939.

Revolver Camera (New York, 1938)

Colt 38 carrying a small camera that automatically takes a picture when you pull the trigger. At the left: six pictures taken by the camera.

Gas War Resistant Pram (England, Hextable, 1938)

Glasses For Reading In Bed (England, 1936)

Hamblin glasses. A pair of spectacles especially designed for reading in bed.

Bike Tyre Used As Swimming Aid (Germany, 1925)

A group of youngsters tied a bike tyre around the body as a swimming aid.

Booted Rubber Boat (Netherlands, 1915)

Drawing of a “pneumatic sports- fish and hunt boat”, an inflatable boat for one person with boots attached.

Wooden Bathing Suits (USA, 1925 )

Wooden bathing suits, supposed to make swimming a lot easier. Haquian, Washington, USA, 1929

One Wheel Motorcycle (1931)

One wheel motorcycle (invented by Italian M. Goventosa de Udine). Maximum speed: 150 kilometers per hour ( 93 Mph).

Amphibious Bike ‘Cyclomer’ (Paris, 1932)

The Cyclomer, a bicycle on land and water can ride with a load of 120 pounds.

All Terrain Car (England, 1936)

All terrain car able to descend slopes up to 65 degrees.

Radio Pram (USA, 1921 )

Pram provided with a radio, including antenna and loudspeaker, to keep the baby quiet.

Radio hat (USA, 1931)

Portable radio in a straw hat, made by an American inventor.

Bulletproof Glass (New York, 1931 )

This one is not forgotten, however the testing of the bulletproof glass was too interesting not to include here – demonstration by the best rifle man of the New York police, 1931.

Extensible Caravan (France, 1934)

Extensible caravan, built by a French engineer.

Piano For The Bedridden (UK, 1935)

Piano especially designed for people who are confined to bed.

Electrically Heated Jacket (USA, 1932)

Electrically heated vest, developed for the traffic police in the United States. The power is supplied by electric contacts in the street.

Canada, Montreal, 1939

Product Design

30 Awesome and Innovative Bookshelf Designs

Many of us grab books from shelves without even thinking of the Bookshelf Design it’s been sitting on. When walking to a room full of books most of us find that impressive, books contain worlds of knowledge and story telling. But sometimes Bookshelf Designs can take your attention over the books, if they’re designed with a unique and innovative way.

A bookcase, or bookshelf, is a piece of furniture, almost always with horizontal shelves, used to store books. It may be fitted with glass doors.  A bookcase consists of a unit including two or more shelves which may not all be used to contain books or other printed materials. Shelves may be fixed or adjustable to different positions in the case. In rooms entirely devoted to the storage of books they may be permanently fixed to the walls and/or floor.

In today’s post we’ll be looking at 30 Awesome and Innovative Bookshelf Designs, these bookshelf designs are very stylish with different ways of turning a usually boring concept into something new and exciting!


Chopped Tree Bookshelf

30 Awesome and Innovative Bookshelf Designs

Small bookshelf interpreting the moment when the tree trunk is cut and falls to the ground, transforms a structure that initially looks stiff and essential, in a flexible, mobile and lively piece of furniture composed of four elements that can be stacked and fixed to each others, or used individually.

Designer: Lenka Czereova

Bookshelf V03



An innovative plywood bookshelf with a unique diagonal design.

Designer: Don’t DIY

Reading between the strings

30 Awesome and Innovative Bookshelf Designs

A bookshelf inspired by a guitar made of wood and formica

Designer: Paulina Gomez

Hex Bookshelf

30 Awesome and Innovative Bookshelf Designs


Designer: Gabriel Manraes

Bookshelf “Branchie”




Branchie is a modular shelves system composed by rectangular elements consisting of multipurpose containers and book cases.

Designer: officinemultiplo


USA Bookshelf

Designer: Ron Arad

Between Lines

The work consists of laser cut stainless steel letter bands and then rubber coated in black. Each of the 2.7 meter letter bands can be coiled up to a small roll, unfolded and re-shaped to an infinite array of configurations. Without additional brackets the letter bands are simply screwed to the wall.

By: Wokmedia


Crash plays with the visual tension between chaos and order: the shape might be perceived as chaotic and out of angle, yet the construction is highly stabile.

Designer: Rainer Mutsch

Wave Shelving

Designer: Julien Vidame

Pulse Bookshelf

Designer: Måns Salomonsen

Movement Bookcase

Designer: Sungmin Hong

 Chaos Theory For Books

Designer: Kim Ji-hye

Second And a Half Dimension Shelves

Designer: Bjørn Jørund Blikstad

Hanging Books

Designer: Marianne van Ooi

When a Room Has No Rules

The shelf system consists of three parts that can be combined in different ways. The smallest part is only about 40cm high and the largest is one meter. They can be used as bookshelves, room dividers, art…anything you want them to be.

Designer: Andreas Hegert

Roll Up With a Good Book

Designer: Zhdanova Irina

The Line King

“Line” furniture system incorporates a work table, hanger, bookshelf, wine rack, CD rack, TV stand and lighting unit. The most important characteristic of “Line” is it being a no-break line.

Designer: Aykut Erol

Polar Bear Shelf

Designer: Ibride

Skateboard Shelf

Designer: unknown


Designer: unknown


Designer: Levitate

Malus Communis

Designer: Defact Studio

Icelandic Tree

Designer: Maria Yasko

Books On Earthquakes

This is how Barbie’s House looks like after earthquake.. Designer: Smansk


Designer: Maria Yasko


Designer: Maria Yasko

Milky Waterfall

Designer: Maria Yasko and Igor Marisko

Bookwave Hanging Storage

Designer: Julien Vidame

Collapsing Bookshelf

Designer: Parsy Debon

Bookshelf With a Bench

Designer: Stanislav Katz


30 Stunning Ambient Advertising Examples

Ambient Advertising is an unusual and creative method of advertising which can be seen in unusual places where you wouldn’t normally see an ad. The best thing about Ambient Advertising is they can be seen just about anywhere, they can be quirky and unusual making the viewer think.

When did Ambient Advertising start?

Ambient Media started to appear in British media jargon around 1999, but now seems to be firmly established as a standard term within the advertising industry. It is the name given to a new breed of out-of-home products and services determined by some as non-traditional or alternative media. Ambient media advertising can be used in conjunction with mainstream traditional media, or used equally effectively as a stand-alone activity. The key to a successful ambient media campaign is to choose the best media format available and combined with effective message.

Today we’ve gathered 30 Stunning Ambient Advertising Examples, get inspired and learn from the best with these excellent ambient advertising examples!

Tecate Beer: De-stressing foam


Art Director: Coke López

Tia Lea Park: Trampoline poster



Art Director: Andrey Ustnov

Eliane Indiani Fitness Center


Art Directors: Felipe Cavalcanti, Fabiano César

Carphone Warehouse: Scrimper’s Valentine’s Day bouquet


Art Director / Copywriter: James Crosby, William Cottam

Spectro Skin Care: The Smile Shop


Creatives: Victoria Sturgess, Vanessa Heber

Colgate – Don’t Forget

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Bangkok, Thailand

Bergmann & Sohn Funeral services

“Come a little closer / Funeral services Bergmann & Sohn”

Frontline – Get Them Off Your Dog

A local petstore chain with limited budgets needed to push their range of de-ticking products. Huge 225 sq. meter stickers, across 3 malls crawling with people were used citywide to highlight their leading product range.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Jakarta, Indonesia

Aseema Charitable Trust: Education for Street Children

Advertising Agency: 141 Sercon, Mumbai, India

KitKat – Bench

Advertising Agency: unknown

Mondo Pasta: Boat

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany

What Goes Around – Comes Around

Agency: Big Ant International, New York

The Economist – How Long Can You Stay On?

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USA

WWF – Save Paper – Save the Planet Foosball – Stuck In The Wrong Job?

In a pub, one of the figures in a foosball table is replaced by a ballet dancer figurine, and she is never able to kick the ball. when people play, they can experience the problems of a job mismatch and be reminded to look for the right job using the best platform –

Advertising Agency: JWT, Hong Kong

Global Warming. What’s All The Fuss About?

“Find out for yourself”

Advertising Agency: OgilvyAction, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Meister Proper – Pedestrian Crossing

Agency: Grey Worldwide, Germany

BIC – Huge Razor

Indus Pride: Beer Mug

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, India

92% Of Guys Say They Washed. 34% Were Lying

Agency: JWT

KarstadtQuelle: Dental Implant Insurance

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany

Silk Soft – Toilet Tissue Promotion

The objective of this campaign was to promote the fact that Silk soft is 100% recycled.

Advertising Agency: By Far, Denmark

Tyskie – Beer Mugs Stickers

Art Director: Michał Kamiński

Police- Slower is Better


Advertising Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Milwaukee, USA

Tramontina Precision Knives – Ultrathin slices

Advertising Agency: Leiaute Propaganda, Salvador, Brazil

Tibits – Very Very Fresh Vegetarian Food

Advertising Agency: Wirz/BBDO Switzerland

Je*s Jeans – No Need to Bend Anymore

“At this moment, your bum is completely exposed. If it were in a sexy pair of jeans, it would attract attention all the time!”

Advertising Agency: Bruketa@Zinic, Zagreb, Croatia

Fitness First (International chain of health clubs)

Advertising Agency: N=5, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Kerrisdale Lumber: Leaves


Art Director / Designer: Jeremy Grice

Fur-Free: Truth Coat


Art Director: Brett Terblanche


20 Clever Elevator Advertising

Advertising can be seen everywhere from television, magazines, billboards and even elevators. Most advertisements are pretty dull, and it’s becoming more difficult to create new and clever elevator advertising. One way of creating more buzz and new life to an advertising campaign is elevator advertising. If done well it can make the audience get involved and bring a bit of fun and thought into it.

Elevator? Yes, according to statistics the average number of riders in a high-rise building is 500 people per day. These ads cannot be turned off like tv ads, and by some people are viewed more than once a day. Some experts even say that elevator advertising reduces vandalism in elevators by giving riders something to do between floors.

Today we bring you 20 Clever Elevator Advertising that are entertaining and bring new and interesting ways of advertising on elevators which are seen by thousands of people daily.


Snuff Clothing: Elevator

20 Clever Elevator Advertising
Advertising Agency: Uncle Grey, Oslo, Norway


20 Clever Elevator Advertising

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, New York, USA

Folliderm: Bald Man

Advertising Agency: JWT, Brazil

Divorce Lift

Advertising Agency: g k k DialogGroup, Frankfurt, Germany

Gold’s Gym

Advertising Agency: Quadrant Communications ltd

Plastic Surgery Clinic: Be Born Again

Hairy Elevator

Prefer it this way? 98% of women do too.

Advertising Agency: Ponto de Criacao, Brazil

Durex: Better Shape, Better Sex

Great Lakes Science Center

Advertising Agency: Brokaw, Cleveland, USA

Shams Taekwondo School

Advertising Agency: JWT, Manama, Bahrain

Maxwell House: Wake Up

We Mine The Coal That Powers The Nation

Agency: Blattner Brunner, Pittsburgh, USA

Gold’s Gym: Overweight

Advertising Agency: PragmaDDB

Fiat Punto: Elevator Parking Sensor

Advertising Agency: Giovanni + DraftFcb Sao Paulo, Brazil

Swiss Skydive

Advertising Agency: Wirz/BBDO, Switzerland

 Witness Against Torture

Advertising Agency: TBWA\RAAD, Dubai, UAEAdvertising

Fitness Company

Credits: Publicis

Bacel: Take Action. Love Your Heart

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Istanbul, Turkey

Superman the Movie

Advertising Agency: JWT, Brazil

Kill Bill 2

Advertising Agency: Uncle Grey, Oslo, Norway


30+ Hilarious Food Fails You Should Avoid

Some of us like to think we're good cooks, when we see a yummy recipe it can be pretty inspiring to want to create it ourselves but sometimes they can turn into Hilarious Food Fails You Should Avoid. Pinterest is a great example when looking for high quality food recipes and creations. Sometimes we don't have what it takes to recreate certain recipes, whether it's sweet or savoury. It's sometimes best to leave professional cooking to the chefs.

In today's post we've gathered  30+ Hilarious Food Fails You Should Avoid, ranging from cakes, breads, Lunch and Dinner ideas. Some of these look simple to create while other look damn right complicated! 


Miniature Caramel Apples

Hilarious Food Fails You Should Avoid

Donut Hole Christmas Tree

Hilarious Food Fails You Should Avoid

Halloween Wedding Cake

Hilarious Food Fails You Should Avoid

Panko Mozzarella Sticks

Hilarious Food Fails You Should Avoid

Pinata Cake

Hilarious Food Fails You Should Avoid

This polka-dot cake

Hilarious Food Fails You Should Avoid

Fried Eggs


Minion Cake


Sweet Potato Tater Tots



Deviled Chicks


bread dachshund


Donut Hole Snowman


Rubber-ducky cupcake


Cookie Monster Cupcakes


yogurt-covered strawberries


Pinwheel Cookies


Mac and Cheese


Melted Snowman Cookies


Overnight Oats


Cookie Bowl


Cookie Cake


Easter Flower Cookies


Sponge Cake


Corn Dog Muffins


Rainbow Pasta


Penguin Cupcakes


Ombre Cake


Mickey Mouse Pancakes


Fruit Rollup


Shark Cupcakes


Kermit the Frog Cake Pops


Meatloaf Train


Peanut Buttercup Cupcakes


Strawberry Snowmen



41 Maps They Didn't Teach You At School

When leaving school we probably think we know enough about the world and maps, but sometimes school doesn't teach us little interesting facts about other countries. Sure you would know where countries are located like America, Australia or United Kingdom, but do they give you a larger understanding of the world we live in? In today's post we've gathered 41 Maps They Didn't Teach You At School, these maps are very informative and cover to pretty interesting facts.

Maps are a natural way to represent geographical data. Time and space can be depicted through the use of flow maps. Line strokes are used with various widths and colors to help encode information. Choropleth maps, which encode data through color and geographical region, are also commonly used. Graduated symbol maps are another method to represent geographical data.

Take a look at these interesting Maps They Didn't Teach You At School and widen your knowledge of the world we live in! Featuring interesting topics like Alcohol Consuption, Birth Rate and IQ Rates.


If US Cities Had Kept Their Original Names

Maps They Didn't Teach You At School

Every country England has ever invaded. There are only 22 countries in the world that the British haven’t invaded

Maps They Didn't Teach You At School

North American According to the USA

Maps They Didn't Teach You At School

How much snow it takes to close schools in North America

Maps They Didn't Teach You At School

Time Zones in Antarctica


Africa is BIG!


Map of the Earth With Mercator Projection Using a Different Centerpoint


The most famous brand from each state


Lightning Intensity Map


World map of penis size


Map of the Most Popular Surnames in the United States


A map of the most common surnames in Europe


Countries with McDonald’s


A map with the word for 'beer' in every country in Europe


World’s Population Concentrated in One City


The most consumed alcoholic beverage by country


Different Alphabets Around the World


Map of World Press Freedom in 2012


Map of the World in Proportion to Population


A map of every McDonald's restaurant in the US


Total Fertility Rate Map


Map of the internet in 1969


World Map of Social Networks 2009 vs 2012


7 Deadly Sins Map


United States According to Autocomplete


European Citizens Who Drink the Most


Map Of Most Attractive Citizens in Europe


Prevalence of Obesity


Worldwide Driving Orientation


A World Map that Inverts Land and Sea


World Map of National IQ Scores


Map of Countries Most and Least Welcoming to Foreigners


Map of Countries Officially Not Using the Metric System


Most Used Web Browser World Map (2012)


The World According to Americans




Political World Map as Pangea 200-300 Million Years Ago


Breast Sizes Relating to Countries


Most Popular Sports in the World


Red Hair Map of Europe



32+ Funny Test Answers from Smartass Kids

When it comes to Test Answers, most kids try to think of a right answer. But sometimes kids can think of incorrect answers which can be funny and quite clever. Here's a collection of 32+ Funny Test Answers from Smartass Kids.

When going into an exam kids need to understand the material in order to pass, sometimes kids think outside the box when answering test's and think of creative and weird answers. Below we've gathered Funny Test Answers from Smartass Kids who have either given up with the exam and decided to have some fun or have no clue what they're answering! These Test Answers are quite funny and something plain absurd. 

Most of these answers are quite noble answers but others fail badly making for some hilarious responses! 


Funny Test Answers from Smartass Kids


Funny Test Answers from Smartass Kids




Funny Test Answers from Smartass Kids




Funny Test Answers from Smartass Kids

























































40+ Strangest Buildings You Won't Believe are Real

One of the most amazing arts of the world is architecture, we've gathered 41 Strangest Buildings You Won't Believe are Real. Architecture is always evolving and growing allowing for more adventurous buildings to be created. 

We'll be taking a look at some of the weirdest and Strangest Buildings You Won't Believe are Real featuring houses, galleries, skyscrapers, museums and mansions. The strange buildings are full of hidden gems that will amaze you!

A building is a man-made structure with a roof and walls standing more or less permanently in one place. Buildings come in a variety of shapes, sizes and functions, and have been adapted throughout history for a wide number of factors, from building materials available, to weather conditions, to land prices, ground conditions, specific uses and aesthetic reasons. To better understand the term building compare the list of nonbuilding structures.

Ever since the first cave paintings, buildings have also become objects or canvasess of artistic expression. In recent years, interest in sustainable planning and building practices has also become an intentional part of the design process of many new buildings.

Sit back and enjoy these 40+ Strangest Buildings You Won't Believe are Real!


Wooden Gagster House (Archangelsk, Russia)

40+ Strangest Buildings You Won't Believe are Real

Coming soon: Tower Infinity — Incheon, South Korea

40+ Strangest Buildings You Won't Believe are Real

Kansas City Public Library garage (Kansas City, U.S.A.)

40+ Strangest Buildings You Won't Believe are Real

Forest Spiral (Darmstadt, Germany)


Kugelmugel — Vienna, Austria


Stone House (Guimaraes, Portugal)


Kunsthaus (Graz, Austria)


Longaberger Headquarters — Newark, Ohio, USA


Snail House (Sofia, Bulgaria)


Wonderworks (Pigeon Forge, TN, USA)


Ryugyong Hotel — Pyongyang, North Korea


The Crooked House (Sopot, Poland)


Montreal Biosphere (Canada)


Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval — Hauterives, France


Low Impact Woodland House (Wales, UK)


The Museum of Play (Rochester , USA)


 Ontario College of Art and Design — Toronto, Canada


Habitat 67 (Montreal, Canada)


Eden project (United Kingdom)


Lotus Temple — Delhi, India


Hallgrimur Church (Reykjavik, Iceland)


Cubic Houses (Kubus woningen) (Rotterdam, Netherlands)


Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center — Baku, Azerbaijan


Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao, Spain)


Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Egypt)


Antilla — Mumbai, India


National Theatre (Beijing, China)


House Attack (Vienna, Austria)


Turning Torso — Malmö‎, Sweden


Parc Guell (Barcelona, Spain)


Conch Shell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico


The Piano House — Anhui, China


Atomium (Brussels, Belgium)


The National Library (Minsk, Belarus)


Svalbard Global Seed Vault — Longyearbyen, Norway


Museum of Contemporary Art (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


Nautilus House (Mexico City, Mexico)


Capital Gate — Abu Dhabi, UAE


Solar Furnace (Odeillo, France)


Olympic Stadium (Montreal, Canada)


Ripley’s Believe it or not! Museum (Ontario, Canada)


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