Backyard Office Pod for People Working from Home

Most people would love to work from home, there’s a new office idea which is a innovative Backyard Office Pod for People Working from Home. Thanks to this innovative creation called, OfficePOD, it’s now easier than ever to work from home right in your backyard! Becoming an OfficePOD user can

22 Breathtaking Dia de Los Muertos Make-up Art

Halloween in just around the corner and what better way to get ready for the celebration by looking at some Breathtaking Dia de Los Muertos Make-up Art. Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday observed throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures.

24 Clever Wall Outlets and Cover Designs

These days most things we use require a wall outlet or power socket. Wall Outlets and power sockets are usually boring, they are white and are fixed to the wall. However we’ve found some innovative and clever wall outlets and cover designs which think outside the box with creativity!

30 Photos Of Nature Winning The Battle Against Civilization

In today’s civilization, many of us see our world as something that’s sturdy and unbreakable. In our cities and towns we rarely see large cracks in buildings or nature taking over. But if humans were to leave this planet nature would take over our buildings and urban environments very

26 Dogs That Look Like Something Else

If you love dogs you’ll sometimes see a dog that will look like something else. In this list of Dogs That Look Like Something Else, you’ll see they can look like almost anything! From a human, disney character or even fried chicken, there are so many different breeds of dogs –

24 Cool and Creative Key Holders

Key holders are an essential feature in your home if you tend to lose your keys. Many of us have lost our keys a number of times, if only we had a place to put them once we got home, this is where Key Holders come in. You may

32 Pieces Of Street Art That Interact With Their Surroundings

Too often Street Art is seen as damaging their environment, but if artists think outside the square with their planning they can come up with some creative ways to interact with their surroundings. By tailoring art to their surroundings they can make the artwork more eye catching and interesting

15 Illustration Posters Showing 200+ Dogs of the World

It’s interesting to see just how many dog breeds there are in our countries let alone the world! Illustrator Lili Chin has created  a cute little guide to show you all the different dog breeds and where they originated. This Illustration Posters set called “Dogs of the World” features over 200

25 Popular Disney Characters Dressed Up for Halloween

Are you a fan of Disney Cartoons? Seeing it’s almost Halloween, have you ever wondered how would our Popular Disney Characters Dressed Up for Halloween look like? Thanks for the artist Isaiah Stephens, you can now enter that world! With some fun mashups like Ariel as the Black Widow and other

30 Modern Bathroom Designs

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms of a house, they can add style and glamour to your home if they’re planned well. We love modern bathroom designs, with so much inspiration out there, it’s hard to pick just one! In today’s collection we found 30 Modern Bathroom Designs,